It’s Finally Here! Rhythms of Rest and a Giveaway Extravaganza

by | Oct 4, 2016 | Rhythms of Rest


I’ve heard people say that to love your work is to live a life of great satisfaction. I would add that work compelled by love is life’s richest, most rewarding gift.

I wrote my first book, Rhythms of Rest, for many reasons but looking back, over countless hours hunched over writing surfaces, I realize love compelled me to collect words on paper. I had no choice in the matter.

When you become smitten by the love of God, you cannot keep the joy to yourself. I had to share the message I’d been shown in such immaculate detail and sacred intimacy, that keeping silent about it seemed sinful.

How does one share a life transformed by redemption but to celebrate God’s unfathomable goodness. We join hands in a circle, breathe a collective sigh of grace, open our eyes and scream with joy for bound pages! And then I shower you with gifts for being mid-wives to birth – more than a girl imagines.

Rhythms of Rest is our book. It is my story and your stories offered through the Sabbath Society community. Of people with sinks full of dishes, beds to make, garages full of back burners and to-do lists needing checks. It’s for the big-hearted volunteers, frontline ministry workers, parents in a mess with littles; for those seeking purpose in the beginning, middle, and finishing phases of life. It is a book for those who are lonely and must know they belong.

We are tired and we all need a bit of rescuing.

God is turning our heads with Sabbath and we’re saying yes to His extravagant kindness.

Rhythms of Rest releases today! We’re celebrating with a load of gifts and giveaways you don’t want to miss.


I hope you will consider buying Rhythms of Rest — and few for your friends, neighbors, small group and co-workers! You can find links to retailers here.

As a thank you for being my people; those who subscribe, read, comment, share, and send me kind, generous letters to my inbox, these companion gifts created by the Bethany House team especially for Rhythms of Rest are yours for the taking. Click on the links below and claim your free gifts! I apologize for the lack of gift wrap.

Rhythms of Rest Printable Bookmarks

Rhythms of Rest Printable Journal

Rhythms of Rest Printable Memes (Vol. 1)

Rhythms of Rest Printable Memes (Vol. 2)

Giveaway Extravaganza: 30 Gifts

4 Books


Four of you will win a copy of Rhythms of Rest: Finding the Spirit of Sabbath in a Busy World.


4 Winners are Anna Walker, Lynn Morrisey, Mary Brown and Sarah.

3 Christa Wells | How Emptiness Sings Album

christa-wellsThree of you will win Christa Wells music. Her transparent and engaging lyrics filled my ears on long prayerful walks during solitary writing retreats for Rhythms of Rest. One day in particular stands out when I was alone in the middle of a upturned potato field in the Cotswolds, completely undone with tears streaming down my face. If you aren’t familiar with Christa’s artistry, you really must be.


3 Winners are Brianna, Ashley U, Rebecca White

6 Hand-Lettered Printable Art from Grace Lettering


Six people will win this beautiful hand lettered quote from Rhythms of Rest created by Sarah Grace Featherston of Grace Lettering. Use the code: Sabbath 10 on your first order at Sarah’s Etsy Shop and get 10% off.


6 Winners of Sabbath Printable: Krista, Teri Lynne, Sandi Hughes, Laura Boggess, Teresa Neal, Sophia DeLonghi

6 Hand Lettered Art from Grace Lettering


Six people will win this hand lettered printable quote by Grace Lettering. It will look good in any color frame on any wall in your house — bedroom, living room, kitchen, entry way. Even made into place mats! Check out Sarah’s Etsy shop for more of her beautiful art. Like her Facebook page and follow her on Instagram @sarahgracefeatherston.


6 Winners of Pausing Printable: From the White House, Kelli Pratte, Katrina, Georgina, Constance Mattson, Abigail

2 Adult Inspirational Coloring Books


Two people will win a Jacqui Grace coloring book donated by Bethany House Publishers. I dedicate a chapter in Rhythms of Rest to what I refer to as “ruminating practices” — those things that we do that help our mind rest like a snow globe settling after it’s been shaken. Coloring isn’t just for kids, it’s now in vogue as one of those relaxing activities that help us slow down and make sense of what we are thinking.

2 Adult Coloring Books by Margaret Feinberg


Margaret Feinberg is a stellar writer of best selling books and now her faith-filled adult coloring books are garnering the same success. You will want to buy them all for your friends at Christmas. I quote Margaret throughout Rhythms of Rest, her wisdom has been a lifeline.


4 Winners of Coloring Books are Kimberly Hare, Diane Sheffield, Jennifer Dukes Lee, Jackie Shrock.


 5 Tickets to Nest Fest, October 22nd, Midland, NC


Five of you will win tickets to the Nest Fest. Will I see you there? I’m honored to be signing books at the invitation of Myquillyn Smith, a Sabbath Society peep and  also known as The Nester for her keen aesthetics and exquisite taste that make home decorating simple and fun. She lives by, “It doesn’t have to be beautiful to be perfect.” Who doesn’t love that?


Five winners are Faith Raider, Dena Dyer, Leigh Ann Lukens, Pam, Kathleen Martin.


1 Craving Rest: Life Coach Package


Are you craving rest for your heart, mind and soul? Journey with Life Coach, Carey Bailey (and Sabbath Society peep!) across the bridge from stuck to unstuck when it comes to satisfying your desires. In 2 life coaching sessions, talk through obstacles, participate in a Life Balance Survey, Values Inventory and uncover the patterns that keep you from pursuing a satisfied life.

Special discount for Rhythms of Rest readers: 15% off any coaching package using the code: RHYTHM


Winner is Darci B!

Grand Prize: Weekend Getaway


Two (2) nights in a two bedroom, two bath oceanfront penthouse at the Hampton Inn & Suites Oceanfront Resort. Value: $750.  This award winning resort has made the Trip Advisor Hall of Fame. (It also happens to be the hotel I write about in the last chapter of Rhythms of Rest!) The following holiday weekends are excluded:  Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day.


Winner is Nicole T Walters!

How Do You Enter to Win Prizes?

This part is easy. Share this post on your social media platforms then come back and tell me in the comments: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Use #RhythmsOfRest with each post when possible. Each share equals an entry in the drawing so your chances are good! Winners will be chosen on Friday, October 7 and shown here in this post. Come back to see if you’ve won. There will be 30 winners!!

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Thanks to all those who participated.


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  1. shelly


    • Kathryn

      So excited for your book release and wishing you lots of success! You’ve been a catalyst for a glimmer of rest that has entered my life. May the rest grow, and may this book do the same for countless others!

    • Cierra

      What a timely book – so needed in our day! I look forward to reading. Shared the love on Instagram @whereverilodge

    • Anna Walker

      I’ve tweeted (@feltit) and posted on my Facebook page as well. Rest is something that eludes me these past two months: my husband has been hospitalized twice, had a stroke, received a serious medical diagnosis all while we bought our first home and moved across town. REst is something I crave, and I look forward to reading your book as a step on the path to find rest. Thank you, blessings and peace be with you.

    • Krista Meyer


    • Karla Ford

      I’ve already tweeted and will soon Facebook. On the release day I posted on Facebook several times and ordered two books. So happy for you and did what God will do through this book.

    • Kathy

      Hello Shelly! Thanks so much for the opportunity to share about your new book! My sharing your new book and my confession to my friends of how sometimes it takes a hurricane (yes, matthew passed within about fifty miles of my home last night!) to get me to take a day off and rest! Tis sad how frantic life can become and how hard it is to just stop and rest. Very thankful for this book I look forward to not just reading it but learning to live it!

    • Marisa Tredoux

      Shared on Facebook xxx

    • Beth Kohler

      Look forward to reading…shared on FB.

  2. H


  3. Carol Foote-Bley

    I have been following your journey for I guess a couple of years now. I’ve been familiar with Sabbath all my life. Can’t wait to get your book and see it woven together!! Shalom and thank you!!

  4. Kristi

    I shared.

  5. Teri Lynne Underwood

    Oh Shelly! Today I’m celebrating with you!! Thrilled for the book and for your bravery in sharing the tenderest places of your heart where God met you with rest and the promise of His nearness.

    This book will change peoples lives because your words faithfully point to THE WORD.
    Much love,
    Teri Lynne

  6. Susan

    Yay!! Congratulations Shelly!! I am thrilled for you and so excited about Rhythms of Rest. You did a stunning job making Sabbath so real and available in the middle of everyday, ordinary (or not so ordinary) life. Thank you for the gift of your words. And, yes, I have shared alllllll over 🙂

  7. Mary Bonner

    So excited to be a part of this!!

  8. Diane

    I am sharing, telling, shouting! So proud of you. You’ve been working so hard (and resting diligently) to see your dream come true. And what a lovely dream it is for the rest of us. Love you, friend!!

  9. Kimberly Hare

    Shelly, I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to be apart of this journey! I am so excited for you! Thank you for sharing your beautiful words! I am posting the wonderful tools you have given to us to share like crazy! 🙂

  10. Kathy

    I have shared this in my Facebook as well as my twitter feed! I am so excited for you!!!1 your Friday emails have truly been a huge blessing in my life! when I chose to start observing Sabbath a couple of years ago. i never imagined how difficult it would be nor did i understand how impactful it would be! thanks for helping to keep me on track! I am now on my way to purchase the book!!! blessings to you and yours!

  11. Grace Cho

    Shared on Twitter!!

  12. Kristy Lynn

    Can’t wait to get a copy of the book!! I love getting the Sabbath Society newsletter and know the boom will be sure an inspiration as well!!

    I’ve shared on twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!
    Happy launch day!!

  13. Shelly

    I have never commented on your blog, though I have been reading it for several months now. Just shared this post on facebook, and looking forward to getting the book.

  14. Briana

    Shared on Facebook, twitter, instagram and Pinterest! Excited to help get the word out about your book.

  15. Tzigane

    Thank you! I shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!

  16. Helen Tisdale

    I ordered your much anticipated book, Shelly. It will arrive next Monday. I will share this post today on my FB page. You are such a blessing.

  17. Darci B

    Shared on fb and Instagram! So excited for today Shelly! We’ve been praying for you 🙂

  18. LW Lindquist

    Test comment

  19. From the White House

    Thank you so much for writing this book. I posted my reviews on Amazon, on goodreads, and on Barnes & Noble. I also posted on Facebook and Google+. I can hardly wait to receive my copy! (If only it were autographed. ?) Your book has been a real lifeline for me. I feel honored to have been part of the Launch Team and am thoroughly enjoying the Sabbath Society emails. This has all been a virtual breath of fresh air for my weary soul.

  20. Teresa D Glenn

    I am so happy for you, Shelly. Your writing is beautiful. God’s blessings to you and the launch of your book.

  21. Joyce Simmons


  22. Kelli Pratte

    I am thrilled for this day, Shelly!! I have happily shared on Facebook & Instagram & wrote a review on Amazon. I will look forward to seeing you soon 🙂

  23. Janet Kirk

    Woo Hoo! What a great giveaway for your book launch! It’s awesome! It should generate a lot of interest in your book. I shared this post on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest! I will share it again on Twitter later. This is so HUGE! Love you, Love your book, Love Sabbath Society!

  24. Kelly Clark

    Hello Shelly! I’m excited to meet you and hear you speak here in Lawrence, KS in a couple weeks. Can’t wait to check out your book. (shared on Twitter & Facebook)

  25. Ashley U.

    I can’t wait to read your book! I’ve shared.

  26. karen

    This looks great!!! I shared on FB and Twitter

  27. Cathy

    I shared on Instagram and FaceBook. I am so excited for future readers! Bless you for your writing and sharing about your life with such candor. I have purchased several copies to give to friends.

  28. Faith Raider

    Shared on my Facebook!

  29. Faith Raider

    Shared on Instagram too!!

  30. tammy hendricksmeyer

    Oh, happy dance! May rest find a place in hearts everywhere.

  31. Katrina

    Congrats on the new book! Looks like a read to savor and soak up and learn from.
    Shared this on FB.

  32. Nicole T Walters

    Yay! Can’t wait to read. Shared on FB, twitter.

  33. Kelly

    Shared on Facebook!

    Have been contemplating what rest looks like lately- even personal time. Feeling like your book may be a breath of fresh air blowing in from God Himself.

    • Kaethe Pittman

      Also review posted on Amazon: .com, .UK, and .de!

  34. Jerralea

    Congratulations, Shelly, on this momentous day! Thank you so much for your life-changing words. I’m still drinking it in.

    I shared on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and will be blogging about the book as well.

  35. Kelly Wiens

    I’ve already been linking friends to the book! Blessings on the next steps

  36. Lynn D. Morrissey

    My dearest Shelly!!!! Can you believe that the book’s birthday has finally arrived! I’ve watched this blossom from inkling to conception to birth, and have never loved midwifery so much! I’m a proud Auntie! My sweet friend, my gifted author, #RhythmsofRest has made its world debut for such a time as this. Honestly, could God have conceived of more perfect timing? People are frantic, frenetic, fearful, and frenzied. Oh, Shelly, how much they need your beautiful, Spirit-led message!!! You bet I’ve shared it from the moment we could, and now I have also on FB(repeatedly! 🙂 ), Twitter, and Sheridan will show me how to “do” Instagram. 🙂 Consider it done! My review will be posted when I have my own beautiful copy ready to read over tea at my kitchen table.! I love you so much, and am soooooo happy for you and all God’s people who are bound to be blessed by the message He put on your heart! Please send my heartiest congratulations to the other Miller Midwives: H, Murielle, and Harrison. It is surely their story too!!!
    All my love,

  37. Joy

    Shared. Looking forward to reading this book!

  38. Diane Sheffield

    Beautiful blessing! That what Sabbath is. I would have never truly understood the Gift of Sabbath had I not connected with you at Redemptions Beauty and the Sabbath Society, I have been truly blessed to be apart of the launch team and having the opportunity to read before the release. My book will be here today and I cannot wait to hold it in my hands. I am giving your book as gifts! Everyone needs rest! I shared on Facebook. Thank you Shelly for being a wonderful mentor. All Is Grace! Diane

  39. Georgina

    Shared on Facebook x

  40. Diane Sheffield

    Share on Pinterest

  41. Diane Sheffield

    Shared on Facebook

  42. Regina Chari

    I am hoping to start reading your book this weekend. Our family is currently serving in Zimbabwe. I have been here for almost 11 years. First as a single woman, then a wife and now a wife and mother. This season has been the hardest as the nation is suffering massively and it’s taking a toll on all of us.

    We have a short trip to the USA planned for some time to rest. I am hoping that your words help to prepare my heart for that time!!

    I have shared on facebook, instragram and twitter @gigiinzim

  43. Lynn D. Morrissey

    BTW, Shelly, I’d meant to say that I love the trailer and hearing your sweet voice. And you look so lovely!

  44. Sandi Hughes

    So happy for you and all who will get to read your grace-filled words. I reposted on instagram and FB

  45. Jennifer

    Love. Love. Love. Love.

    I tweeted, Facebooked, Instagrammed, and Pinterest-ed about the release. You know I’m one of your biggest fans, right?

    Love you, friend.

  46. Christy Johnson

    This looks like a beautiful book and I’m looking forward to reading it! I’ve posted about in on my Instagram account – christynkiddos – I’m private but feel free to request an add if you wish to see the post I put up. ? Thank you for your generous giveaway! God bless!

  47. Constance Mattson

    So excited and blessed to be a part of this ‘new chapter’ in your life. Cannot wait to join all your friends and family- now the world!-in walking alongside you as we enter into the different seasons of God’s perfect rest.
    I shared on FB
    Love you and your passion!

  48. Cathy

    Me again! 🙂 I shared it on Pinterest! I am so excited my copies came in the mail today! My son thought the package was for him and was sad to see it was for me! I was thrilled and he was sad. lol I am now praying who to give copies to.

  49. Robin Dance

    I’ve watched you from a distance, tell this consistent story of rest. In a culture that idolizes “busy” it’s such a NEEDED discipline. We have no idea what we’re missing, do we?

    I’m proud of you, Shelly! Your words are always lovely refreshment, full of truth, encouragement, and wisdom. I’m so happy to see your book birthed into this space–it’s a lesson I so wish I had understood decades ago, but now is as good a time as any. xo

  50. Amy Anderson

    So happy to be a part of your launch. I NEED this!
    Shared on Facebook, Twitter, and the oft forgotten Google+ @Mrs_Barnabas

  51. Kathy

    Shared Facebook

  52. laura

    I’ve been tweeting and re-tweeting and instagramming on and off all day! I’m so proud of you, friend! You have written a beautiful and needful book. Can you hear me cheering all the way across the pond?

  53. Monica Snyder

    Shelly, Your book came at a time when my heart was desperate for the God who calls us into His gift of Sabbath. Thank you. I won’t be shelving your word treasure but returning again and again to the message of Grace there. Sharing everywhere I can and ordering gifts too. I am excited to see God restore this spiritual discipline in so many hearts and lives.

  54. Cheryl Smith

    So happy to share posts about your book! (FB twice, and Instagram!) Congratulations Shelly!! I’m so excited to see all that God has in store for so many, because of your obedience.

  55. Tracey Layman

    Congratulations! So happy for you!

    Shared on Facebook

  56. Amber Crafton

    This book looks amazing and comes highly recommended. I can’t wait to read it! I shared the live on Facebook (amber.crafton), Twitter (@amsoverhorizons), Instagram (@godslittlegirl), and Google+ (+AmberCraftonEverAfter). Congratulations on this achievement!!!

  57. Ann Thrash-Trumbo

    Shared!–on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Google+. I hope you get great response to the book, Shelly. I’ve been a Sabbath keeper most all my life and it’s definitely been one of the greatest aids to my personal spiritual development. In fact, I’d say THE greatest, aside from personal time with God. I kind of hate to say I’ve been a Sabbath keeper, as I feel there’s huge depth to Sabbath that I’ve not yet explored. But it’s a journey. What a precious day, each week, to spend with God and His people. I keep it on Saturday along with the members of my church. I love it!

  58. Katie

    YAY, yippee, Ya-hoo!
    It’s here, now, YES:)

  59. Maria Gutierrez

    Shared on Facebook-next up Interested and Twitter. Definitely need to take test to heart.

  60. Mary Brown

    Shared on Facebook. I’m looking forward to reading your book.

  61. Cathy

    Me again! I shared on Instagram this morning. Day 2!

  62. Nancy Franson

    Came home from work last night to find my copy had arrived Now I’m looking forward to a long day of Sabbath rest when I can kick up my fuzzy slippers and soak up your words.

    I’ve not been active in blog world lately, and I’ve missed your lovely voice. So glad I can hold your words in my hands. Thank you for your heart to help God’s people reclaim God’s good gift of Sabbath. So much love.

    And, Facebooked, Tweeted, and Instagrammed, of course!

  63. Abigail

    Very eager to read this!
    Shared this on good ole Facebook

  64. Kelly

    Shared on twitter

  65. Rhondi

    I posted about this on my Facebook page. Excited to buy a copy of your book when you come to Nest Fest!

  66. ~Karrilee~

    LOVE the book… and these prizes? Wow! Shared on Twitter and Facebook!

  67. Dena Dyer

    Love you, friend! So happy for you and proud of you. I shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

  68. Cathy

    Me again! I tweeted about this great book! So excited for you and future readers.

  69. Beth Hahn

    I’m excited to read this book! I just share it on FaceBook

  70. a. macdonald

    This looks like a fantastic book! I would love to learn about how to incorporate the Sabbath rest into my daily life! Thank you!

    • a. macdonald

      Sorry! I forgot to say that I shared it on Facebook! Thanks!

  71. Janet Kirk

    Decided to share this on Twitter again. I don’t want anyone to miss it!

  72. jackie shrock

    My nieces just taught me how to use Instagram (and hooked me up!) – so shared on Instagram – how exciting this is!

  73. jackie shrock

    signed up for a twitter account two weeks ago…here goes!!

  74. jackie shrock

    It’s now time to share on Facebook – this I can do!!

  75. jackie shrock

    Shared to Google+ – What a blessing that this book will be to those that read it.

  76. jackie shrock

    Shared 2 of your postings to Pinterest – your book AND that of my coach Carey!

  77. Cassandra

    Shared on Facebook and Pinterest!

  78. Rebecca White

    My dear new never met PW friend Shelly,
    In case others read the comments, two more places to invite others into the rhythm are netgalley and Reviews for this lovely respite can and should be left there, too. Wishing you all the best.

  79. Sheila Dailie

    So fun to share these beautiful printable quotations!

  80. Teresa Neal

    I am so excited for this book. Just ordered yesterday. Thank you.

    Also tweeted and Facebooked about the giveaway

  81. Jean Silver

    happy to be with you and share this exciting event! <3

  82. Cathy

    posting on my FB page today! Blessings to you!

  83. Sarah

    Shelly, I just found you and I already love you 🙂
    I shared you on Instagram.

  84. Sarah

    . . . and on Facebook.

  85. Sophia DeLonghi

    Shared on Facebook

  86. Katha

    Congratulations! I shared it on Instagram and Facebook. May many be blessed by this fantastic message!

  87. Susanna

    Been such fun posting on FB this week for the launch. Just posted this too.

  88. Tara Clark

    I shared on Facebook. ?

    Shelly, I am so grateful to have been a part of launching this book; thank you for being brace enough to share your words with us. ?


    Whoo hoo! So happy my book came yesterday! I have posted to Facebook and Pinterest! Thank you Shelly!!

  90. Pam

    Hey Shelly,

    I am enjoying reading your book and bought copies for the women in my small prayer group. I did something similar with a book by Ann Voskamp two years ago and I see by your email today your winging to her. So fun. I posted this post to my Facebook page today. May the Lord bring much fruit to Himself through you.


  91. Dea

    It’s been fun at night before lights out watching Jeff read Rhythms of Rest. Occasionally, he’ll read aloud a sentence that he likes. So thankful your heart and your gift of writing is in a book. Congrats on the great launch this week. It has been fun to watch from the sidelines.

  92. Sheila Dailie

    I have LOVED reading your book, but now I get to hold it in my hands! What a blessing as we continue to grow in the grace of Sabbath! Prayers for you and H today as you Sabbath together.

  93. Cindy Fort

    Shelly, it has been quite the honor to be part of the launch team, and then to be able to participate in this giveaway!? THANK YOU! I’ve shared on my platforms, again. Continually praying that people are drawn to the message God placed in your heart!

  94. Natalie Ogbourne

    I’m so excited to get home and read the actual, physical copy of your book that arrived while I was away. Kindle worked but I’m a book girl. Looking forward to the reread! It’s a wonderful work, Shelly. You have quite a giveaway in the works. I shared on IG and FB. ?

  95. Kathy Schwanke

    Praying for you. Thankful to see the heights the book has reached and praying the seeds will bear fruit!
    I shared on FB & Twitter & IG.

    Happy travels! Wish you would be closer to Minneapolis. Another time… 🙂

  96. Laura DeLoach

    Ordered my book a week ago! Can’t wait to read it!

  97. Kathleen Martin

    I shared on FB. I hope many of my friends see it and feel the tug in their heart to rest.

  98. Michele K

    I shared. Great prizes!

  99. Robin in New Jersey

    This book looks like it will be a blessing to all who read it. I shared it on FB and Pinterest.


  100. Amy Kinard

    Hi Shelly! I can’t tell you how happy I am to have a copy of Rhythms of Rest! I pre-ordered it back in August and can hardly believe October has finally arrived! I also more than happily shared this post both on Twitter and on Instagram (@thekinards for both)! God’s Love & continued blessings to you! XXOO

  101. Anna Walker

    Imagine my glee when I found my name on the winners list for a copy of your book! I purchased one for myself because I just could not wait to begin reading it, so will be gifting this win from you to another dear friend who needs to learn rest. Thank you for blessing us both! I’ll be looking for an email request for my snail mail address.

    Thank you again, peace be with you,

    Anna Walker

  102. Sharon Staples

    Hello, Shelly. I have tried to subscribe to your blog several times, but I never receive an email in my inbox to be able to make it happen. Love your book! Any way I can be added to your subscription list to receive your posts? Sharon

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