Beautiful Surrender

by | Nov 23, 2014 | Sabbath


“The face of God — the face of one who we thought was an enemy who we thought was against us, who we thought we had to approach warily, in gestures of self-abasement and self-promotion and self-protection, with gifts to appease and cajole. Instead, we find one who runs to embrace us and kiss us and weep over us. Prepare the fatted calf, for the lost one has been found.

~Mark Buchanan, Your God is Too Safe

May you know today and every day thereafter that redemption comes by way of dependence, not on yourself but on God’s great goodness. When your excuses for avoiding Sabbath are based in self-reliance remember that the place of true contentment is at the end of yourself.

May your rest be a beautiful surrender, of admitting you need help and allowing our faithful Savior to love on you.

Happy Sabbath Friends!

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  1. Jillie

    Shelly…Here it is Monday morning, grey and very wet. Reading this first thing. Had to read it more than once. And, read it aloud to myself. And I am struck by these words–both yours and Mark Buchanan’s. This. is. just. too. too. beautiful.! Such a wondrous thought! Been trying for years to get this very thing through my thick head. All I need do is bring myself, such as I am, to the throne room, repentant and surrendered. Willingly. To continue to realize, and remember, He waits there for me, little ole me, with His embrace, His kiss, His tears flowing over me. The blood of Jesus flowing over me. The place of true contentment lies at the end of me. Thank you for this.

    • Shelly Miller

      Your comment was the very best thing of my morning Jillie. I’m rejoicing with you, overjoyed, thankful, humbled. What a gift.

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