For Those Who Are Waiting for Doors to Open

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Reaching into the pocket of my black trench coat, my fingers meandered around a train ticket and a damp umbrella to find my Oyster card before reaching the automatic barriers in the London Underground. Pulling the plastic card out, I quickly placed it on the yellow reader awaiting the ding and digital message granting access through to the next platform.

Instead, a message appeared in bright red letters. I looked up and watched H’s silhouette become smaller as he walked further into the tunnel dragging our suitcases among throngs of people.

Suddenly, a British voice in my right ear jolts my confusion into awareness by saying, “The door is open to you, what is the problem Miss?”

Concerned about the accuracy of my skills navigating public transportation in a new culture, I was focused on getting it right, oblivious that the doors were already open for me to pass through them.






While you are sidetracked by following the crowd, looking for approval from the masses, God is saying I’ve opened the doors and given you access by my Holy Spirit. You already possess what you need to walk toward your destiny and flourish on the journey.

Walk with confidence in your value and away from perfecting the mold you think the world is waiting for you to fit in to.

Trust Him with your instincts and lessons learned in brokenness and the whole world is a giant door knob of possibility waiting to be opened.


Standing at a slant on the platform with bags weighing down my shoulder, a young girl with pistachio colored long locks and red lips stands beside us chatting with a girlfriend. Two young sisters skip passed in long velvet dresses. They stop and smile as if saying, Look at my unhindered exuberance in which God has made me.

As I take my seat on the train and listen to a myriad of conversations in different languages, I hear the still small voice echoing above the chaos. What you assume you are fingering in your pocket to be pennies are actually gold coins of priceless influence in the way He made you.

The sign reads Mind the Gap and the voice whispers, Surrender. The difference between a disciple and a crowd follower is the ability to say yes to Jesus without caveats or the fear of outcomes.

I don’t want to shortchange myself. You?

This post is inspired by Kay Warren when I heard her speak in the Royal Albert Hall for the HTB Leadership Conference this week.

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  1. Janel A

    thank you for sharing your experiences in London, as life intersects with the beauty of speakers sharing at your conference. May we continue to see the door open before us…and not wait for the approval of others or achieving just so before we’re able to step forward in faith. Love you girl.

    • Shelly Miller

      Love you too Janel, I’m nodding my head in agreement. Thankful to sojourn with you.

  2. Kris Camealy

    Shelly this moved me deeply this evening. Thank you for writing this–for sharing the truths you are hearing! This post is SO encouraging!! Love you.

    • Shelly Miller

      It makes me smile knowing you were encouraged, thank you Kris. Look forward to catching up with you soon.

  3. Lynn D. Morrissey

    Shelly, if you wrote this for no one else tonight (this morning? — you’re in a different time zone!), just know you wrote it for me. God opens doors that no one can shut (mentione in Rev.), but we had to stride through. I need to put my boots on! Bless you, Shelly, for a timely message. And I LOVE these familiar London scenes. It takes me all back to last June. Wish I were there, ticket in hand, walking through a turnstile with some British guy speaking in my ear. i could listen to their accents endlessly!
    Love you so and prayed for you today.

    • Shelly Miller

      Well, then writing this was completely worth it Lynn, knowing it spoke to you. I’m thankful. Wish you were here too, we’re having a wonderful visit (and not ready to go home yet).

  4. Mary Gemmill

    Shelly-I found this post resonated with a loud YES in my spirit- God seems to be opening doors as promised for you to walk through- glad you’ve had such awesome speakers and connections- praying for the final steps of direction, in faith, believing.

    • Shelly Miller

      We’re thanking God for what feels like remarkable favor Mary. Thanks for your prayers, we appreciate you.

  5. Rebekah Gilbert

    Once again, your words are exactly what I needed. I’ve been so focused on getting things right, “perfecting the mold,” that I’ve ignored my instincts and passions. And saying “yes” to Jesus without fear of outcomes? Wow…I’m just not there yet. I’m always thinking ahead, weighing the possibilities of my answer. It’s exhausting. You’ve given me much to consider. So glad you’re enjoying your trip! I love seeing the pictures you post.

    • Shelly Miller

      I’m right there with you Rebekah, still learning the same lesson. But I’ve always needed repetition in my life, that isn’t something new. I’m thankful that my words here resonate, your comment is gift and I love seeing you here. Thank you.

    • Lynn D. Morrissey

      Rebekah, heed Shelly’s counsel. Your voice (just as you are!) needs to be heard!

  6. ro elliott

    Great encouragement here… I have been pondering with the Lord… put your boat in the water… put down your nets… Just following His leading… to put “our boats” in the water… leaving the outcome to Him. blessings on your travels!!1

    • Shelly Miller

      Yes, that portion of scripture was a sacred echo for me last October when I wrote my Letting Go in the Deep End series. It still resonates today. Still growing in courage, yes?

  7. Dena Dyer

    Such wise words, Shelly. Thank you for this reminder.

  8. Nancy Ruegg

    No, I do not want to shortchange myself–or my Heavenly Father! May I grasp those gold coins of priceless influence in the way He made me, and not wish for the coins he has given to someone else. In my possession they would be worthless, just as my coins of influence would not hold value for someone else.

    Thank you, Shelly, for helping me celebrate who I am, and look forward to the next chapter of my life–which God has already written!

  9. Mary Bonner

    Oh my…such wisdom that I so desperately needed today, my friend. Thank you.

  10. Ferline

    Thank u so much for this. Needed this!

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