Doing Good On Sabbath

by | Mar 8, 2014 | Sabbath, Weekend


It is lawful to do good on the Sabbath.

Matthew 12: 12

I’m celebrating my daughter’s 18th birthday at the beach this weekend. After a four hour drive with gale force winds and rain pelting our windshields, we woke up to this. Breathtaking, don’t you think?

As you embrace a Sabbath from the week, may you be mindful that doing good on the day set apart for rest can also be the best kind of being in Christ. It is not a day to jump through hoops or find your identity in the list but to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the unique way He created you.

Whether comforting the sick or lying down for a nap, or pumping your feet to swings in exhales of laughter, may you find freedom in knowing he created the Sabbath because He loves you, not to wave His index finger in front of your face.

Happy Sabbath Friends!

Want to make rest a routine, not just something you fill in between the cracks of your busyness? Join the Sabbath Society. Find out more here. And join Sabbath-keepers in community with the hashtag #sabbathsociety on Twitter and Instagram and on our Pinterest board, Surrendering to Sabbath.

For Weekend Reading:

Seeking and Finding Through Lent by Christie Purifoy

It’s Not You, It’s Me: On A Attending the Funeral of a Friend and Saying Good-Bye to Social Media by Shawn Smucker

Remind Me Again: A Lenten Poem by Elizabeth Marshall

What Happens When 10,000 People Read the Same Book by Margaret Feinberg

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  1. Janet from FL

    I am joining you with Margaret and reading the New Testament from The Message. I am finding it refreshing and inspirational to read it from The Message. It gives me a whole new perspective. I am loving it! I hope others here will join with us and 40 Day #LentChallenge of reading the entire New Testament. This challenge is going to have amazing results! My blog post this week has the links too.

  2. Christie Purifoy

    Hope it was a beautiful weekend!

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