An Apologetic on Beauty

by | Feb 18, 2014 | Beauty, Writing


I will never again take a font for granted.

When I called Michelle to ask about designing a new header for my blog a year ago, I knew her creative skills were out of my league. Her name was given to me by a mutual friend, a church planter who works with my husband. Though she lives in Tennessee and I’m in South Carolina, our initial phone exchange was like talking over the picket fence with a next door neighbor from whom I’d borrowed cups of sugar for years.

With only three photos and some website links for inspiration, she created a piece of art that captured my personality intimately–without ever meeting me in person.

Later, I discovered that Michelle’s Dad, Robbie deVilliers, is a world renowned font designer, one of 300 professionals in the world who share the same vocation. As a leading creative designer in the global market, he’s turned brands like Orange Crush and Maxwell House into familiar household images.

Robbie created the script for my banner. The beautiful type, Petronella, was designed from his mother’s handwriting and named after her. It was the first time Michelle ever used the font for a project. It turns out that the timing for the launch of the typeface isn’t a random coincidence for me.

I’m letting you in on some important things that have happened to me recently, epiphanies of sorts. The rest of the story is featured in The High Calling series, Creating Beauty at Work.  I would love to see you there in the comments.



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