11 Things I Learned in October

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On the last Friday of every month, I share a random list of things I’ve learned and link up with Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky. Technically, I know that this Friday is actually November 1st, but let’s not be too picky okay? I’m still excited about conquering 31 days of writing, so don’t burst my bubble.


1)  I learned that when I’m fixated on something, like let’s say, writing every day on vulnerability, I have less mental space for learning other things. Honestly, I don’t remember learning much of anything last month, I was distracted.

2)  My son has developed a double stuff Oreo habit this month. I found myself going back to the grocery store for more packages and then I found out that Oreo’s are just as addictive as cocaine. I know, I thought it was a joke until I read this. This is scary people.

3)  Apparently it took ten years for a farmer to engineer a grape that tastes like cotton candy. There is something so inspiring and yet futile about that.  I tasted one at Fresh Market and they really do taste like cotton candy. Why do we need a grape that tastes like this?

4)  When you and your friend forget to make a hotel reservation for a conference and find out there are no rooms left, it just might be God’s providence that you share a room with two women you’ve never met.  I loved my roommates Brianna Wasson and Angie Ryg at Allume  and now we are all friends.


5)  One of the benefits about going to a conference in the town where your Dad lives, is he’ll take you out for a long lunch after it’s all over . . . and then you’ll find out that the interior designer of the hotel is remodeling his kitchen. Wow.

6)  And your new roommate will want her picture taken with your Dad when she finds out he is in the Hall of Fame for Skeet Shooting. (Okay, that’s enough about my Dad, honestly.)


7)  It’s the most surreal feeling to meet one of your favorite bloggers in person on the very same day she is guest posting on your blog. Surreal and awesome actually.

8)  I’m not very fast at texting, until my daughter grabbed the phone out of my hands in frustration and changed the settings on my phone to swype. I feel like I became cool in a few seconds. Do you know about that swype setting? I had no clue.

9)  I can’t fool my kids with Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread mix; as good as it is, because they love my recipe. They really don’t care that it saved me time when they’re eating it.

10)  Once you finish writing every day for a month you’ll find yourself longing to clean out closets and dig in the flower beds, and remember how much you loved domesticity.

11)  And that whole loving being domestic thing will last a few minutes when stories start scrolling through you mind while your bending over the hole you dug in the ground.

What did you learn about life, yourself, your cat, flavored grapes? Tell me about it.


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  1. Lynn D. Morrissey

    Shelly, I love the premise for this post, and have loved learning about what you’ve learned. I learned that it’s best to take the plunge, sign up for the conference, book that flight, and take flight among a group of soaring, sacred-page sojourners. I learned that if God tells you to “go without knowing,” as He did Abraham, and as He did me, then it’s best to go and let the One who knows take care of it all. I learned that meeting you in person a second time was even sweeter than the first, and that I love you even more….my precious, gracious, and gifted younger friend. I hadn’t realized that your dad lived there. I love the photo and seeing you two together! And may I ask you a favor? Please send Murielle on over! =]
    Love you!!!!!

    • Shelly Miller

      Aw, you are so gracious and I’m glad God allowed us to be friends. I was telling my Dad about you, with the St. Louis connection and all. Murielle and I will be right over, wouldn’t that be fun.

      • Lynn D. Morrissey

        It would indeed. I”m counting on it! =]
        Love you!

  2. Jean Wise

    Love your list, Shelly. Great photos and I’m impressed with your dad’s accomplishment so brag away. Your texting comment made me smile too. and 10 and 11 are full of wisdom. great list

    • Shelly Miller

      My Dad isn’t good about bragging on himself at all so I’m doing it for him.

  3. Carolyn Counterman

    I learned about the Texas laws for bank accounts of estates. It was awesome.

    • Shelly Miller

      Whoa, that sounds, um, interesting Carolyn.

  4. Laura Boggess

    Your dad is so cute. I absolutely see you in him–around the eyes somewhere.

    • Shelly Miller

      People usually say we look alike when we are together. Loved being with you at the conference.

  5. Jamie H

    Awesome list. I had no idea about the Oreo thing.

    • Shelly Miller

      I know Jamie, who would’ve thought it huh? I wish I would’ve had a bit more time to get to know you at the conference. I hope you enjoyed it.

      • Jamie H

        I did enjoy it!! I would do things a little differently next time like have a list of people to attempt to meet up with, but otherwise, God definitely used my time there for good. 🙂 I wish we could have hung out as well.

  6. Beth

    I love your list Shelly. Brought all sorts of smiles. Happy Friday and Happy November! What did I learn in October? Blessings can truly be found in every season…even one that will be the hardest of them all. (I’m counting blessings in a deployment.) Hugs to you.

    • Shelly Miller

      Finding gratitude covers a multitude of worry and sadness doesn’t it Beth? Happy November to you too!

  7. Brianna Wasson

    Shelly, I LOVE knowing you! So, so thankful that God worked that whole thing out the way He did. And Oreos? Well, I’m wondering if there’s an article somewhere about how just thinking about them feeds the addiction. 😉

    • Shelly Miller

      Me too, I’m so glad our paths have crossed. I’m addicted to dark chocolate, just thinking about that makes me want to get up and get a piece . . . so I think I will.

  8. amber@therunamuck

    Shelly, you were absolutely one of the highlights of allume for me. You are one of the very best at encouraging and embracing.

    • Shelly Miller

      Well, your little comment just made my day. I feel the same way, such a pleasure meeting you Amber, you are as wonderful in real life as you are on the page.

    • Lynn D. Morrissey

      Oh, what a joy to see two of my favorite and gifted authors connecting and “loving on” one another! Shelly & Amber, I’m so excited for how I see God using you and winging your words to many a heart!
      Love and pray for you both!

  9. Leigh Kramer

    I don’t understand why we need different flavored grapes. Do they still have any nutritional value? Love that you got to spend time with Amber! She is one of my favorite people and always such a joy to be with. Methinks you should give your kids the pumpkin bread recipe and tell them that if they want it, they should make it. Otherwise, you’ll be saving time with the TJ mix. I would be such a mean mom!

    • Shelly Miller

      I can’t imagine you being a mean mom Leigh, or mean period for that matter. I hope I get to meet you one day in real life too.

  10. DeanneMoore

    I learned that is hard to unlock the door to your house without the keys. I found them though, in the car ignition with the car running in the garage. 🙂 Oh well, I found them …

    • Shelly Miller

      Oh my, that makes me tired just thinking about it. Glad you found them. whew!

  11. Aritha

    I love the things you have learned in October 🙂 You describe it with great humor. I myself have learned in October that my savior is with me, even if I do not see him. And I’m learning again have pleasure in ordinary everyday life. Happy November for you 🙂


  12. Nancy Ruegg

    I, too, love these lists–a peek into your heart and thoughts–becoming better acquainted. One thing I learned in October: during a season of waiting, take joy in the blessings at hand. They are numerous! If my attention is on the horizon, I miss the flowers at my feet.

  13. Caryn Jenkins Christensen

    I loved THIS Shelly! I too, feel self-conscious and am afraid to be silly (which is who I am sometimes) in front of others. The smile booth…well, I have proof that I was there and to be honest ~ it was really fun! Isn’t Brianna a hoot? I had the BEST time with her…in the smile booth 😀

  14. Angie Ryg

    Okay, how did I miss this? Seriously, this made me laugh and smile and thank God all over again how he worked beauty for me at Allume! I am so blessed that God crossed our paths and I know it is for mighty things even to come! I LOVED being with you and I am so glad you forgot to book a room!

    And the things you learned? Hilarious…and I might have to link up this month!
    And your dad? Just about the cutest thing I met at the conference and how fun for you guys!

    Love you My Friend!

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