Letting Go to Draw Near {Day 13}

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I have let go of the need to get it all done.  Then I am working on letting go of the guilt from not getting it all done! Setting Sundays apart from the rest of the week has made my Sundays more enjoyable, and I do feel closer to God.

~Janet Kirk, Member of the Sabbath Society

May you find the courage to let go of the guilt of what you left undone from your list of hopeful accomplishment. Find a soft spot on the couch and breathe deep. God looks on the earth and it trembles, brushes his fingers across a mountain and it smokes, so perhaps its time to get perspective.(Psalm 104)  He longs for your sweet meditation, an offering of soulful melody over sputtering pancakes; an extended focus, instead of a mindless glance. Draw near and rejoice.

Happy Sabbath Friends!

In keeping with the theme of this post check out my friend Ashley Larkin’s 31 Days of Right Here on her blog, Draw Near.

Want to make Sabbath a weekly rhythm and not just something you fit in to the cracks between busyness? Join the Sabbath Society, it all started here.


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  1. Janet

    Shelly, Thanks for deciding to do this 31 day study on “Letting Go”. It has really got me thinking. So much of our growth as Christians, we think of all the things we should do, like Bible study, church, devotions, ministry, tithing… But we also must let go of many things. Thanks for pointing this out, and getting us to leg go.

  2. Janet

    LOL That is supposed to be Let Go! Let Go! 😉

  3. Ashley Tolins Larkin

    Thank you, Shelly. I so appreciate you sharing my blog here. And this series — it is rich with goodness, friend. So glad you’re writing it.

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