The Golden Rule Of Sabbath – Week 35

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“Sabbath’s golden rule:  Cease from what is necessary.  Embrace that which gives life.” ~Mark Buchanan, The Rest of God

As you wipe dinner plates, scour the messes left by others in their wake, may you sense even in the midst of menial tasks that God is with you, always and everywhere. Keep saying the word that invites him to move in close – Hello – and then listen.

Give yourself permission to curl up with a new book or the first season of Call the Midwife and waste an extravagent amount of minutes. Let go of what you ought to do for a date with holy time. Because sometimes what feels like a necessary must, can wait for the other six days in the week.

Happy Sabbath Friends!

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  1. Lynn Morrissey

    Oh Shelly!! I’m dying to know where this is in England? I’m moving!! May I move on the Sabbath?! =] I love this idea of refraining from what is necessary and really doing the only one necessary thing that Jesus bids us do: Sit at His feet and listen as Mary did. I just read that beautiful, true story today. Mike and Sheridan are an an outdoor art fair, and I have bought a new book which now, with your permission, I intend to curl up. Blessings on your Sabbath, sweet one!
    PS Thanks for your PBS recommendation. I’ve not seen that yet. And may I recommend Downton Abbey (which recommences in the States in January)? And how thrilling that we actually got to visit Dowton (actually Highclere Castle) just this past July! It was breathtaking.

  2. Maureen

    You and Sandra both quoting The Rest of God – sounds like a book to add to my list. I am curling up with the Ladybug Farm books – light, fun reading, which I need right now. Thanks for visitng at my post – rest, joy and gladness to you this weekend!

  3. Joanne Norton

    I LOVE the photo and the Word. And the sharing, of course. Grabbed my heart, my attention. Thank you much.

  4. Linda@Creekside

    savoring the waterside and beloved truth from Scripture with you, Deidra, and other sabbath friends, Shelly …

  5. Trinity

    I’m so glad that HE has promised to never leave us or forsake us! Visiting from the Sunday Community!

  6. Elizabeth Stewart

    Smiling at the Call the Midwife part…love it!

  7. Lisha Epperson

    Hi Shelly! I know I’ll be wiping dinner plates but thanks for the reminder for Call the Midwife. I’ve only seen the 1st episode and have looked forward to more. Thanks for the holy nudge to mindfully create my sabbath.

  8. Kris Camealy

    Oh yes, embrace that which gives life. Amen. So please tell me, what do you think about Call The Midwife?! I am hoping they will have another season!!! Love to you, sweet Shelly!

  9. Sharon O

    Jesus said “I am never… (seven times) in one breath” I will NEVER… isn’t that a wonderful promise to us? we are not alone.

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