The Wild Ride of Redemption – Week 26

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Redemption is meaningless unless there is cause for it in the actual life we live. ~Flannery O’Conner, Mystery and Manners

As you ride into the rest of week, may the strong grip of grace be the handlebars steering you. Throw your head back and laugh at yesterday’s mishaps, feel the breeze of today’s forgiveness cool your face. Don’t look back and go serpentine. You might miss redemption growing in the middle of your path. It’s the landmark leading to Love’s embrace.

And remember to break for Sabbath.


Learn more about the Sabbath Society here and join over 100 people who say, “I’m all in,” when it comes to observing Sabbath.

(Photos taken in the Cotswolds and Oxford, England)




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  1. Pam

    What an evocative photo of the cemetery in the Cotswolds… Really lovely, Shelly. Enjoy your restful weekend. ~ Pam,

    • Shelly Miller

      The top photo was taken in the Cotswolds, a breathtaking, beautiful place called Chipping Camden. The other two in Oxford. A cemetery in the median while people scurry around shops; a picture of ancient future faith if I’ve ever seen one.

  2. Mia

    Dear Shelly
    Yes, we do tend to miss beautiful splashes of redemption all around us everyday, if we do not learn to leave the past where it belongs.

    • Shelly Miller

      So true. But then again, the past always informs our future too.

  3. Megan Willome

    I made a mistake at work and have been “serpentine” ever since. I need your words today.

    • Shelly Miller

      And the way we right ourselves is not to take our mistakes too seriously, let go and enjoy the ride. He’s leading the way.

  4. HisFireFly

    “strong grip of grace”
    yes, I need this!

  5. Mary Bonner

    I definitely need those handle bars this week! Lovely words…thank you.

  6. Linda Stoll

    yes, yes, ‘the strong grip of grace’ …

  7. June

    Beautiful images, Shelly! Especially the Celtic cross – how blessed you are to have seen that place in person! Thank you for you words of encouragement this week!

    • Shelly Miller

      I agree June, blessed indeed. It was a beautiful place tucked away at the end of street, overlooking a beautiful meadow. Thank you for visiting.

  8. Jody Ohlsen Collins

    “Don’t look back and go serpentine.” Ack, I do that. What a great image–all of them. I’m thinking of bicycling with my feet up in the air off the pedals, Flying Nun style. Now, there’s a picture.
    Great words and photos, friend. thank you.

    • Shelly Miller

      Oh, I used to love the Flying Nun. Thanks for that reminder.

  9. Rona Berry-Morin

    What a wonderful reminder to take a break.

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