Surrendering to Sabbath – Week 15

by | Apr 20, 2013 | Weekend


Right now, if you clicked on this in your inbox, I’m standing in front of a crowd of writers and dreamers hoping my hair isn’t too fuzzy, the sweat rings under my arms don’t show and what I’m saying actually resonates with those listening. I’ll be in a bit of awe that I’m actually looking into the eyes of people I’ve only known through their voices on the internet. Words and cadence tapped out on a screen. Wondering if our rhythm and intonation will sound anything like what we’ve imagined.

I’ll worry about which pictures I will share with you next week, not wanting to make anyone feel left out or less than because you couldn’t be there, even though you wanted to take part. And I won’t like myself in any of the pictures people take. I’ll think I look too fat or old, and I’ll wish I didn’t show my  undesirably crooked teeth when I smile.

My blond, blue eyed best friend will drive to Nebraska from Kansas and sit in the audience smiling with a heart of gold. I’ll know that no matter what I say or how puffy my eyes look today, she’ll revel in it. All of it. Because she loves me, this I know.

There is something about someone in your life who isn’t a family member, yet knows the deepest parts of your frailties and insecurities, and consistently overlooks them for the strengths and wisdom that blindside you. Because when they are your gifts, they seem ordinary. But with God, ordinary often communicates in extraordinary ways. And that is what she consistently reminds me.

I’ll want to strap her to my back so she can be in on every conversation. Because that is what best friends do, right?

Perhaps Sabbath begins that moment when you’re busy thinking about what you should say and do and your gaze turns to the audience of creation as the sun lies down. You see the trees budding limey and pink, their leaves cupping dew, capturing slanted light from the stage below heaven. And when you look up, Jesus sits noticeably in the audience.

He’s smiling and believing in you. Just the way you are; frailties, mistakes, mishaps and the messiness of it all. Because he’s blindsided by His love for you. Completely captivated by the way He made you.

Sometimes we only see ourselves the way we really are when we stop. And the reality underneath the layers of the way we think we need to measure up? Well, it’s beautiful.

Have you stopped to rest this week? You may need to be reminded about how beautiful you are. Because you are, you know? You are beautiful.

I’m sharing my favorite posts this week on my side bar under Delicious Reads. And the video is something everyone should watch. It’s powerful.

Happy Sabbath Friends!


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  1. Jillie

    Hi Shelly! Wonderful post! Somehow, knowing you worry about the sweat rings not showing under your arms through to your blouse, makes you even more ‘real’ to me. I love you for it.
    I will feel slightly jealous to see photos of your weekend retreat, but I’d like to see them nonetheless. :] (Did Lynn make it?)
    I watched the ‘Dove experiment’ video. Very.interesting. And very revealing. Not surprising though…I know I would do the same, and sadly, so would the majority of women.
    Looking forward to hearing about the retreat. I’m SURE you were wonderful…because you always are!

  2. floyd

    Good for you. A good lesson in not sweating the small stuff… or at least not caring about it! Real is good. It shows the heart of our Lord. God bless. Hope it’s a great time and I know God will be lifted up.

  3. dukeslee

    You are every bit as beautiful and precious in person, as you are in this space. And then some! Your Saturday morning devotion was so, so good.

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