Surrendering to Sabbath – Week 13

by | Apr 6, 2013 | Weekend


It’s spring break here. We’re walking out the last days of throwing our schedules to the wind. Picking up hints of what Easter brought in the basket strewn about the living room floor. Preparing to welcome guests and laugh at the decay of winter.

Earlier this week, we wandered around Savannah for our first college visit, the rhythmic plink of the automated “wait” at the crosswalks forcing us to slow down.  Our bodies held taut by the incessant roar of engine noise and public transportation; smoke blown from the careless lips of passersby.

And I wonder, when did we become so small?

I rattled around the rooms of my mind so long I assumed they were Gospel until I opened the door to change spinning in my peripheral view. Slinging her art on the empty canvas, giving hints to the portrait of future.

There is a tendency to avoid Sabbath for all the busyness, the legalism we foolishly assume.

It’s funny how a change of place and circumstance can turn the clock forward on your soul. And reveal the anchor that holds you steady. It rests in the clear waters of quiet.

May you throw caution to the wind and paint Sabbath outside the lines.  Stand back and enjoy the way the colors of Spring run together.

Happy Sabbath Friends!

Some weekend reading from the Sabbath Society:

But in Humility by Terri Lynne Underwood, a new series over the next few Mondays.

The Bounce Back by Brenna D’Ambrosio on the redemption of Spring.

Stuff Happens by Dea Moore on Sabbath in the country.

Tortellini Soup {and an awesome i-Tunes playlist} by Kristin Schell (I’m making this for Sabbath.)



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  1. Lynn Morrissey

    Oh I hope that this is a joyous time for you, Shelly. It takes me back two years ago to when Sheridan and we searched for a college for her. It was a delightful adventure. She ultimately chose to stay home quite literally, not just in St. Louis, but she preferred not to live in the dorms. We left all that up to her andgave her the choice of going away. But we love having her here yet awhile longer. She’s a lovely person, and we have become true friends. Because you originally hale from St. Louis, I’ll tell you that she is an art major at Fontbonne, literally about a six-minute drive from home. We’re blessed. And may you and Murielle be blessed as God unfolds the crevices of a new journey for her, as He unfolds new months highlighted by new Sabbaths, crowned with new adventures and new growth! Congratulations on this milestone.

    • Shelly Miller

      We had such a great visit Lynn, so impressed with SCAD. She actually resigned herself the night before that she didn’t want to go there and then we took the tour and everything changed. I love seeing the way art and design and diversity inspire my kids in ways they aren’t expecting. We’re praying that God will direct her and provide financially.

      • lynn morrissey

        Oh Shelly, God will provide! I read your comment w/ amazement, b/c Sheidan was the same way w/ Fontbonne. She was not initially impressed at all, and was so sure God was leading her in another direction. And then, suddenly, with another visit to the campus, and an amazing visit with the head of the art dep’t, it all opened up like a beautiful blossom, and we just knew. It was quite amazing. And everything opened up financially too. I still am awestruck at how God orchestrated every tiny (and large!) detail and made it so abundantly clear to us–and for us, right at the last minute. Murielle will know and you and H will know, and it will all fall beautifully into place! This is next year, right?

  2. Megan Willome

    I like the idea of how sabbath observance can “paint outside the lines” of how we think it should be done.

    • Shelly Miller

      Me too Megan. I think people get hung up on the legalism, thinking it has to look a certain way. And Christ leads with freedom.

  3. heather kopp

    Shelly, this is so lovely. How fun! College! I can’t believe that we are past all that now. Forever. With all five. But wow, now I sort of long for those days on their behalf–when it was so obvious what to do next. Go to college. Everyone will pat you on the head for that. And then, you get your degree… and go to work in a restaurant or a flower shop! 🙂 Actually, they are finding their way. I always love your writing and perspective, Shelly. You bless me so much. I just like knowing that you exist. You know? That God made you makes me like God.

    • Shelly Miller

      Heather, I think your comment is perhaps one of the nicest things anyone has every said to me, thank you. So thankful for your friendship, truly. And yeah, I hope we don’t spend all that time and money to have her clerk at a flower shop. We’re looking at a school that has an 88% employment rate and the average is 53%.

  4. Jody Collins

    Okay, so, ummmm that scripture is the same exact one God gave to my husband and I at the beginning of this week. And it is now on index cards in my purse and on my dresser ’cause it’s a rock I was clinging to for a situation at work this week. I LOVE it when the Holy Spirit does that……’sacred echoes’, yes?

    • Shelly Miller

      Oh, I love that Jody. So thankful you shared that.

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