Choosing To Rise Above It

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Yesterday we donned our best, celebrated victory over empty threats and shouted Alleluia to the Risen Christ. While the carpet lays strewn with yesterday’s foil wrappers and flattened jelly beans, I’m aware it takes more than one day to absorb the reality of the resurrection; the liberating power of Christ.

Today at Living the Story, my column at, we’re asking the question, “How do you rise above difficulties and live out the realities of your faith?” We want to know what makes you pound your fist on the table, what causes tears to stream down your face and find the wonder of resurrection life in the everyday mundane.

Come over and join the conversation. We’re hosting a giveaway, announcing a special guest writer and an opportunity for bloggers to link up their posts. And I’m kicking off the party with a story. Here’s just a taste:

“What are you doing,” H asks me playfully as he barges through the door. We make eye contact and the smile on his face slides to a solemn slant as he pads his way slowly into the room. “Are you crying,” he asks before I can answer his first question . . . . click here to read the rest of the story and let’s connect over there.

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