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A few days ago I posted something silly on my Facebook page. Asking facetiously, if slathering a saltine with butter is considered diet food. And it conjured up all kinds of responses, most of which had nothing to do with dieting.

I found out for those living abroad, saltine is a curious word. And for others, it evokes childhood memories of buttering crackers in restaurants to pass time while waiting for dinner. The mere mention of salty buttered goodness caused many to salivate.

A simple question affirming what you probably already know. We need each other.

Because your memories of saltines (or lack of them) inform, broaden and help shape what I think about them. And together, we find wonder in what might have otherwise been passed over.

And because we need each other and your voice matters to me, I want to ask you to join me on an adventure to find wonder in the ordinary of every day, beyond the saltine cracker.

Starting Wednesday, April 3rd, Duane Scott and I will be co-hosting a book club on Margaret Feinberg’s new book Wonderstruck (chapter four inspired the Sabbath Society for those in the sisterhood). We’ll  fire up Redemption Beauty Book Club and throw the doors open on our blogs every Wednesday through April, engaging in conversation, two chapters at a time.

We’re inviting you to link up your stories on discovering the wonder of God whether you read the book or not. And if you don’t blog, we invite you to leave your much needed perspective in the comments. Heaven knows if we can start a conversation with a saltine cracker, we won’t be at a loss for words on wonder.

Then on Monday, April 29th Margaret Feinberg will be guest posting on my column, Living the Story at with an opportunity to link up your posts from the theme Rise. Columnists will select a favorite from the collection of links to be featured later on the site.

Whew, think I covered everything. Oh, and did I tell you I’m leading a small group in my hometown on the book too?

I hope you’ll join us for this adventure through the season of Eastertide. And bring a friend too.  Because sometimes it takes more than one day to absorb the mystery of the risen Christ.

Anyone remember those white after dinner mints with the flavored jelly inside? How about the Flaming Pit, ring a bell? Anyone?


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  1. Lyli Dunbar

    Oh, I love that you are starting a book club! I definitely will jump in at some point…

    • Shelly Miller

      Would love to hear your perspective Lyli, hope you’ll join us.

  2. Michelle DeRusha

    Cool, cool, cool! Love the book…love you and Duane even more!

    • Duane Scott

      Oh, Michelle, much love to you too. 🙂

  3. Jamie H

    sounds awesome!

    • Shelly Miller

      Jamie, hope you’ll join us.

  4. Deidra

    Fun! Look out for that Duane guy, though. He’s trouble! (I kid! I kid!)

    • Duane Scott

      Rude, I tell you. Rude. 🙂

      I miss you, Dee.

  5. Amanda Johnston Hill

    I’m all hopped up on David Platt’s words, so now onto something different. Ordering on Amazon now. What a great team – you and Duane! I love both your writing.

    • Shelly Miller

      Yay! So glad you’ll join in the fun Amanda. You’ll add some humor in the mix and great insight I’m sure.

    • Margaret Feinberg

      Woo hoo!

  6. Jody Collins

    Shelly, as a saltine cracker question-answer-er I’m tickled to find that the timing of your posts will coincide with my decision to share on Wednesdays my reflections on slowing down and wonder………from God in the Yard. It’s really about Sabbath and slowing and change and a bunch of things, but anyway, this’ll be great.
    And the Flaming Pit??? I have no idea……….I’m from California.

    • Shelly Miller

      Perfect Jody. And Flaming Pit is (or was) a restaurant my grandparents took me to in St. Louis on my weekend stays at their house as a kid. The only reason I liked going there was the treasure chest I got to stick my hand in if I finished my dinner.

  7. Elizabeth Stewart

    Mama loved buttered saltines. I remember eating them with butter and jam, so it was butter, salty and sweet perfection.
    This book sounds tempting…

    • Shelly Miller

      Oh my, that made me salivate just thinking about it Elizabeth. Hope you’ll join in the discussion about the book. It’s really great and an easy read. I read one chapter a week during Sabbath. Rich stuff that makes you think.

    • Margaret Feinberg

      Eek! Can’t wait to hear what you think of Wonderstruck, Elizabeth.

  8. Jillie

    Hi Shelly…I know one thing…I simply can not just eat saltines plain…unless I have the flue, or am newly pregnant…which hasn’t been in a lonnng time, nor ever shall be again. Nor can I eat saltines unless I slather them with butter…to place my chunk of cheddar on.
    The little mints with the flavoured jelly inside? Scrumpdiliicious! Haven’t had one of those in years, either. Flaming Pit? I have no idea what that is.
    Book Club with Duane? Perfect combination. Something like saltines with butter!

    • Shelly Miller

      Your comment makes me happy Jillie. Love you and look forward to what you have to share on Wonderstruck. Glad someone remembered those crazy mints. I responded to Jody below about Flaming Pit.

    • Margaret Feinberg

      Yes! Plain saltines remind me of having the flu as a child. Yuck!

  9. Missindeedy

    Oh Mah Word, Flaming Pit. I lived right around the corner from one, growing up! Memories… This book looks fantastic, and although I’m committed to another study through May, I’ll be following along with my eye on doing this book study in the Fall. Can’t wait!

    • Margaret Feinberg

      What study are you doing this spring, Missindeedy? I hope you get your hands on Wonderstruck soon– can’t wait to hear what you think!

      • Missindeedy

        Well, now, how’s this for an uber-late reply? We are doing No Other Gods by Kelly Minter. It has been life altering. As has the notion of taking the Sabbath captive again. Bought Wonderstruck. Couldn’t help myself. I will be digging into it in about 2 weeks.

  10. Nancy Franson

    I just finished Wonderstruck yesterday and am ready to start all over again. I keep sending my husband quotes from the book–so much to chew on, and what better way to chew on it than with you and the fabulous Duane. I’m in!

    And those jelly mints? They sort of make my teeth hurt just thinking about them.

    • Margaret Feinberg

      Nancy– THRILLED you enjoyed Wonderstruck!

      • Nancy Franson

        You had me at pixie dust.

  11. LuAnn

    I’m excited about Wonderstruck and hope to join the discussion. I recently heard Ravi Zacharias say that wonder of God and His creation is foundational for spiritual health. I began to see that beimg struck by the wonder of God was as necessary to my soul as breathing in and breathing out is to my body.
    Oh, and I did love butter on saltines but not as much as mustard!

    • Margaret Feinberg

      I love that quote from Ravi, LuAnn! Can’t wait to hear what you think of Wonderstruck.

  12. Nancy Ruegg

    Oh, this sounds delightfully fantastic. However, in the month of April I’ll be wonderstruck by ten new little fingers, ten little toes, and a button nose. In other words, a new grandchild, whom I’ll be helping to care for! I may not have much time for blogging, but will check in when possible, to catch up on all the wonder HERE at Redemption’s Beauty!

    • Shelly Miller

      I’ll have you whenever you can be here Nancy. And what fun to revel in the glory of new birth.

    • Margaret Feinberg

      Oooh– nothing is sweeter than little grandbabies. Congratulations!!

  13. Alicia Bruxvoort

    Shelly, I just read and re-read your post at Emily’s and am hushed to tears by your wisdom and your words. So many favorite lines, but this one will ring in my ears tonight…”I want to hide in the corner, curl up in His lap. And learn from what He tells me not to say.” THANK YOU for putting your wrestling match on the page and challenging me to take my own wrestling match to Jesus. Love the way you chase Him hard. Blessings, dear friend.

    • Shelly Miller

      Alicia, how did you know I wrestled. You have good insight because I did wrestle with my thoughts for several days. Thank you for coming back here to comment, I was behind on getting the post up on my end but I’m grateful you took the time and that it spoke to you. To God be the glory, truly.

  14. Kathy Schwanke

    I first heard of Margaret Feinberg a few months ago when my friend who runs the Facebook page for the Set Apart Conference asked people who they might recommend for speaking in 2014, Margaret’s name was mentioned, and now here she is again. I led a group of women through “A Sudden Glory” by Sharon Jaynes last fall, and this looks to be a wonderful extension of that same message: Noticing the God-glory moments in our days. I have never had such great attendance at a study before.

    I am going to get Wonderstruck now. Love the idea of walking through it online with you!

    • Shelly Miller

      Love those sacred echoes Kathy, which is another phrase coined by Margaret. So glad you’ll be joining us. We’ve had her speak several times at conferences, and she is a wonderful, engaging, spirit-led speaker. I can’t recommend her enough.

    • Margaret Feinberg

      Oh I do hope you’ll get your hands on a copy of Wonderstruck, Kathy. Can’t wait to hear what you think!

  15. Alyssa Santos

    Sounds like a plan:) I will be checking in on Wednesdays and I would love to read Wonderstruck…. I love book clubs. Oh, and about the saltines, I snacked on them as a kid and they are a sort of comfort food. Mostly, we ate them with butter. When my mom wasn’t around, I dipped them in chocolate syrup. Yeah, we ate white bread and fish sticks, too. It was the ’70’s.

    • Shelly Miller

      Chocolate syrup huh? Not sure about that one.And my kids and I eat white bread but don’t tell anyone. 😉 Glad you’re joining us Alyssa.

    • Margaret Feinberg

      Yes yes yes! Join us, Alyssa! Can’t wait for you to read. Chocolate syrup saltines, huh? Sounds delish!

  16. Karla Carlson

    I am in the middle of Wonderstruck and my ladies Bible study group P31 is going to be discussing the book and all God has been teaching us as we read through it. I am excited to hear if it called to them to have a more quieted listening spirit as it is doing to me. I love how I am becoming more drawn to the little things as I seek God all around me.

  17. Suzanne Michelle Taylor

    Saltines with butter….definitely my fave as a kid! Have had to stay away from the butter in recent years but, still remember plunging that cracker deep into my mothers nice neat stick of butter! Hahaha! Oh the memories! May have to indulge for old times sake.
    Read the first couple chapters and am so excited for this bible study. Praying our small women’s group will become larger, so together we can discover God’s Pixie Dust. 🙂

    • Shelly Miller

      Suzanne, so glad you are joining in the fun. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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