Risking to Rest

by | Mar 15, 2013 | Five Minute Friday


I started noticing it over Christmas break, the way my true reflection returned during seasons of resting from routine. Riddled with guilt about what I didn’t accomplish on my to-do list, losing myself in the midst, I left that all behind to trust in Rest. Observe true Sabbath every week. And I invited you to join me.

Now we’re seventy-five in the sisterhood, the Surrendering to Sabbath Society. And it’s been so good. For twenty-four hours we leave dishes in the sink, park the vacuum, close the door on clean laundry crumpled in baskets beckoning for folding and choose rest.

We throw our heads back and laugh at the way life comes alive in letting go. Cry over the way it’s changing all of us.

Now instead of thanking God for Friday, we’re singing the song of Sabbath. The collective chorus of stillness and surrender; reveling in the surprise about the way it satiates our soul thirst. Holding out our hands to grasp yours, we would love for you to join us. Won’t you? Join us.

I just couldn’t resist linking with Lisa-Jo for Five Minute Friday on the prompt Rest today. We’re in our tenth week of Surrendering to Sabbath. What about you, do you observe Sabbath?


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  1. Melissa Fields Wallace

    So glad I found you at Lisa-Jo’s. I love what you are doing and will signing up. Blessing to You!

  2. ThandiweW

    Shelly, LOVE THIS! So true, now my waiting for the weekend is about Sabbath, not TGIF, to God be the Glory.
    Thank you, for such a wonderful gift.
    Peace and good to you,

    • Shelly Miller

      Chelle, its so wonderful walking this with you friend. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Nikki

    You know I love this commitment. Even though I’ve been doing this over a year, maybe I should join the community anyway! I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before…;)

    • Shelly Miller

      So thrilled to have an experienced sojourner with us Nikki. We need your wisdom.

  4. Kelly Hausknecht Chripczuk

    Readying for a silent retreat day tomorrow. I love this, “Now instead of thanking God for Friday, we’re singing the song of Sabbath.” Today I will put my hand to the plow, not looking back, but tomorrow, I rest.

    • Shelly Miller

      Hope your silent day was profitable Kelly. I can’t imagine how wonderful that must’ve been for you.

  5. Elizabeth

    So glad to be a part of this growing group. Can’t remember if there is a FB page and if there is I think I forgot to go there.:) Love your words here. We need another MCVL lunch soon. Im sending you a little DM with update.

    • Shelly Miller

      We don’t have a FB page for Sabbath, I connect with everyone on my Writer page. Hope you had a good one Elizabeth. Look forward to another lunch soon.

  6. Megan Willome

    I’ve been tiptoeing back in, too.

    • Shelly Miller

      Hope you are finding life in the quiet Megan.

  7. DeanneMoore

    You know I keep reading that book—you know, the Bible. 🙂 Just can’t seem to put it down! Ha! And I know this is elementary, milky when it comes to biblical stuff, but I keep seeing where God wants everything to come from the heart. We can do anything but if it isn’t flowing from a heart of love, we are just clanging loud. That’s what I am finding on the Sabbath, my heart. As I slow, God shows me things about it. He is such a compassionate heart doc and his best prescription is rest—mainly the resting in Him. Believe me I can leave dishes in the sink and laundry in the baskets, but this reminder every week to turn to the rest of God is bringing me an unexpected joy. I had been contemplating the Sabbath for some time before you started our society and this was the push into surrender–with my whole heart. This Sabbath I am devoting to intercessory prayer. He’s put it on my heart, and you are on the “list.” Anyone else who wants to be on it can let me know.

    • Shelly Miller

      So honored to be on your list Dea. And I agree, it seems I’m hearing the same thing about a heart surrender. It sounds so easy, yet why is it so hard sometimes? Learning is life long isn’t it?

  8. Jillie

    Hi Shelly…I haven’t officially joined your Sabbath Society, but you certainly have made me more aware of my need to celebrate Sabbath and take that much-needed day of rest and introspection in light of God’s Word. I’m focusing more on Him, even if I have some ‘work’ that must be done. I try to focus on doing it well, for His glory…doing it as unto Him and not for the approval of anyone else. But I’m trying to keep it to the bare minimum, so that I can spend more time with my husband and my daughter, if she comes to visit. I take up Bible more on the Sabbath now, reading snippets of the Word through the day. And praying silently. I thank you for directing my thoughts upward.

    • Shelly Miller

      So glad to hear this Jillie. And for most of us, its baby steps and learning to adapt to what works for each of us. One step at a time to honor Him. I’m finding my ability to hear Him is becoming more clear and there is a sacred echo every week, a theme that emerges with every word I read, every prayer, every conversation, everything I listen to. It’s just amazing.

  9. Mia

    This sounds like bliss!! To just rest in His presence! I will definitely hop over and see what this Sabbath Slowdown Sisters are about!
    Much love

  10. fromthissideofthepond

    I love what you’re doing…I lived in a small village in England for several years, before moving back to the states in ’09. Pretty much everything was closed in town, we could walk to church, and we developed a habit of Sunday rest that harkened back to Sundays in my childhood. Definitely more challenging in the 24/7 of America, but we do keep a low key day, no chores and no blogging for me.

    • Shelly Miller

      I love that. When I went to Austria some years ago, I remember extended lunch periods too, where everything closed down and people went home for lunch. Would love to have you join us if you feel led to do so. I’m staying off all social media/blogging during Sabbath too and I look forward to that every week now. So nice to meet you.

  11. Lizzie Branch

    oh my…must check this out. My soul longs for a Sabbath rest here on earth. Thank you.

    • Shelly Miller

      It’s been a good discipline, one in which many are finding new life and transformation as they embark on being thoughtful about it, planning ahead and setting time apart.

  12. Sharon O

    I love the idea of a sabbath day, we have gotten so removed from a day of rest and restoring ourselves. It is good to stop and regroup before another week begins.

    • Shelly Miller

      It has truly become life giving Sharon. I love the time, it fills me up in a way I never imagined.

  13. Michele-Lyn

    Sabbath must be purposeful and practiced. I’m learning. Since last summer, I’ve taken almost every 7th week off of blogging and social networks and it’s been amazing. I need it more each time. I love the wisdom, truth and perspective you share.

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