Surrendering to Sabbath – Week 5

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“In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength.” Isaiah 30:15

May your Sabbath be the window to the soul, the place of excavated beauty you find in your own back yard.


Moments of awe for the way the Light illuminates the hidden places.


Bask in His presence, close your eyes, feel the wind blowing your hair and remember He made this day for you.

Want to learn more about the Surrendering to Sabbath Society? Click the tab Sabbath Society and find out how to join the sisterhood, a growing community of people who said, “I’m all in.”

A few posts from the sisterhood this week for encouragement:

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  1. Diane W. Bailey

    Last Sunday, I finally got my act together enough to celebrate Sabbath, with rest. This week has been amazing! A Miracle! I believe there has been a healing in my back, creativity in my writing, and Joy..oh, the Joy! I am absolutely blown away! I never knew, I just never knew!

  2. Sylvia

    Thank you for these lovely verbal and visual aids to serening down into Sabbath. And for this whole Surrendering to Sabbath series!

    I am reading Diane’s comment with great joy. Yes, that incredible joy of rest in Him!

  3. Jillie

    Thank you Shelly for these lovely thoughts. As I look out at my backyard through my window, I see a virtual winter wonderland. We had a major snowstorm yesterday, and all is covered in white. Today the sun shines down from clear blue sky and everything is a’twinkle. It’s gorgeous! I may not be in the ‘Sabbath Society’, but I’m seeking to appreciate my Sundays, trying hard to rest in a new way.

  4. Lynn Morrissey

    These photos are sheer poetry, Shelly, and a reminder of the beauty of God’s creation, and one way that we can appreciate Sabbath–by taking time to bask in His presence in the beauty He created. Funny… are telling us to close our eyes, and I perfectly understand that in the context you say it……but right now, I am asking God to open my eyes and to give me a vision of His presence with me and HIs purpose for me. I want to open my eyes to all the wonder of Him and His involvement in my life,…and this series……this taking time for Sabbath……is a way to slow down and to have eyes to see. I love your quote from Isaiah: In repentance and rest is your salvation. When we repent, we are able utterly to rest in God. What a peaceful, Sabbath-keeping place to be. Bless you for encouraging our rest, dear Shelly.

  5. jeanwise

    I am so glad I am on this journey with you. Thank you for leading and encouraging us.

  6. Lark Fiore

    Thank you for the “Practicing Not Perfecting” blog. I too forget what it is I meant to “not do” during the Sabbath. I am learning and am delighted with the Sabbath. In many ways it is like finding the road back to a place I use to call home.

  7. Elizabeth Stewart

    I used that exact verse on my scripture and snapshot post! It’s one of my favorites!

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