When You Don’t Get What You Deserve

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I met a friend for coffee in the middle of the week, snatched an hour before afternoon carpool to catch up. And we had a lot of it, catching up. A wedding, two teenage car accidents between us and leaving the church where we met since we last talked. It turns out, timing is everything.

When she asked me how my daughter was doing, Murielle’s car accident didn’t even cross my mind. I was thinking teenage girl stuff, not trauma. November seems like a faded snapshot in the scrapbook of our busy lives. It was only two months since she narrowly escaped death and I’d already forgotten about it. Until I realized my girlfriend’s daughter had the same kind of accident with different results.

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  1. Sylvia R

    Shelly, I used to think those children of Israel in the desert were unbelievable, how God could do such wonders right there in front of them and then they’d forget as soon as the next need or problem surfaced. But I find to my chagrin I’m no different. Just a few months ago my eyesight improved like it’s not supposed to, which event I consider a miracle, but I soon forgot it in the take-it-for-granted everyday doings, and get all wrought up, faithless, over some other thing, way too petty! Thank you for this post. It was just the reminder I needed.

  2. laura

    Shelly, I’m heading over to read but I just have to tell you about a memory this picture jogged for me. When I went to New York for my fortieth birthday, there was a giant wedding party walking down the street in Times Square. Arm in arm, all smiles. It was cool.

    • Redemption's Beauty

      I took this one in Charleston one day when we were there shopping. I couldn’t wait for the right post to use it.

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