Surrendering to Sabbath – Week 3

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The process of eating together reveals our humanness, pulling back the façade of our self-sufficiency. In the simplicity of asking someone to pass the butternut squash, we’re reminded we don’t just need food but each other. We cannot go it alone. ~Margaret Feinberg, Wonderstruck

 The table, it’s where it begins. We light the Shabbat candles and the veil falls over time. Exhale a trail of busyness, inhale His rest. We linger longer under the spell of conversation uncorked in the settling.

And while we feed our bellies, we become aware of our misplaced hunger. Where our appetites have gone awry among the slog of the schedule; failing to stay hungry for the eternal, overstuffed with today.

This weekend, may we feast on His goodness and enter His rest.

 Be still and know I am God. ~Psalm 46:10


Want to join the Surrendering to Sabbath Society? We’re a sisterhood of  52, encouraging one another to rest. It all started here.

Some inspiration from the sisterhood around the web this week and worth a click:

Heidi writes about The Practicality of a Sabbath Pause and she shares her challah recipe here.

Kristin lists some resources for A Mealtime Make-Over at the MOB Society. And don’t forget about 52 Sunday Suppers.

Margaret Feinberg shares Leif’s Almost-World-Famous Green Chile Chicken recipe on her blog this week, the one she writes about in Wonderstruck that makes me salivate.

Jane writes about how she sees Sunday a bit differently since joining the Sabbath Society.


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  1. Nancy Franson (@nancyfranson)

    My friend, I have failed to email you but I’ve been following along and am so excited to see what you and others are writing about embracing the gift of Sabbath.. . . . failing to stay hungry for the eternal, no wonder so many of us are weary and have sin-sick souls.

  2. laura

    You are making me hungry, Shelly. For so much more than what fills the belly. I’m going to check out some of your links. What a wonderful project. Rest is always a welcome guest.

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Love having you here Laura. May we all stay hungry for Him.

  3. Lynn Morrissey

    I think what I love most about what you write, Shelly, is that you whet our appetites for things eternal, things above, but not beyond our reach. THat’s what Sabbath is…..reaching for rest, and then resting in HIm. Thank you for encouraging this soulful Sabbath sojourn.

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Hope you have a wonderful Sabbath Lynn. I’ll be thinking about you in my armchair while watching Downton Abbey. It’s a great way to end those twenty four hours of rest don’t ya think?

      • Lynn Morrissey

        Oh so you’re a Downton fan, too?! It’s fun and relaxing. Mostly, though, I’ve found it a special way to have my niece and her friends to spend time with us. These kids love a home-cooked meal, and we have lots of wonderful dialogue before the Downton plot thickens. I think that dining and dialoguing is a precious Sabbath gem. I’m doing all the main cooking today. My quiche crusts and fillings are done….just have to whip up the custard tomorrow. I’ll be thinking of you, too, but the arm chair (recliner) is reserved for Michael. He’s ususally the chef (I’m the pie baker in the family), so I don’t want to upset his apple cart. *He* gets the recliner. Thanks for divuling H’s really distinguished name. I tip my hat to HG Miller! Sounds like a great novelist.

  4. Sylvia R

    Shelly, please count me in on this Sabbath Sisterhood, because although the concept, and imperfect practice of it, are not new to me, I am learning so-pleasant new things about it, just reading here and in linked posts and comments. The quiet start “the night before” is one of them. Thank you for the serenity you weave through these lines of words.

    • Redemption's Beauty

      So glad you are inspired by others here Sylvia. I added you to our community. So glad you have you with us.

  5. Helene

    Thank you for the lovely post and the comment over maidservants. It was a delight to read about the “rest” you are practicing. It is something I need to think more about!

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Helene, would love to have you join us if you feel led to.

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