Why I’m Not Choosing a Word to Welcome the New Year

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I’m already seeing it around the web, people choosing one word to lean on as a theme for the New Year. I couldn’t choose one last year. Now I know why.

If I had to describe 2012 in one word it would be Loss. And no one wants that to be their word as they step off the precipice on to a clean slate of 365 days.

Isn’t that what entering a new year provides, a clean slate?

It’s why we pick words that carry hope and not dread. But I’m averse to choosing one word and maybe it has something to do with my evangelical, name it and claim it upbringing. It feels presumptuous, more like wishful thinking than a prophetic canopy to dwell beneath.

Oh, I prayed about a word and thought about choosing Hope. It stuck with me for days after Christmas. I even bought a shirt at Forever 21 in Phoenix while waiting for Murielle to return a gift. Hope studded in four letters stacked on black. I wore it hanging off my shoulder like Jessica Beals in Flash Dance, until it shrunk in the wash and revealed my mid-life belly fat.

And that’s how Hope began to feel just months into 2012, too small for my circumstances. So I left Hope lying like a sales receipt blowing bargains in the parking lot of dreams.  I wasn’t prepared to pay the full price of her meaning.

I lost my tail wagging companion of eight years to cancer the first month of the year, my brother to drugs in the eighth, my church to a vote in the eleventh, with sprinkles of lost relationships amid deceptive circumstance scattered on top of each of all the others. And the word repetitively spewed from my mouth changed from Hope to Why.

It wasn’t until the final loss of the year – my daughter’s collision with a semi weeks before Thanksgiving – that the full price of Hope seemed reasonable. All of my why’s, they ran away into the night sky, limping on shards of unanswered questions. And Why passed the baton to Who in the midst of the trauma. It’s the word God used in response to Job when he uttered why.

Where were you when I created the earth?

Tell me, since you know so much!

Who decided on its size? Certainly you’ll know that!

Who came up with the blueprints and measurements?

How was its foundation poured,

and who set the cornerstone,

While the morning stars sang in chorus

and all the angels shouted praise?

And who took charge of the ocean

when it gushed forth like a baby from the womb?

That was me! Job 38:4-8, MSG

Who was it that saved my daughter within an inch of her life? Who decides when someone takes their last breathe? Who does the church worship? Who joins friends together? Who determines the word to describe a year?

I haven’t picked one word for 2013 but if I did, I would christen the new year with Found. Because I’ve learned from 2012, whether groping through the dark night of the soul or radiant with rejoicing, I  am never lost along the journey.

And neither are you. In all of our losses we are perpetually found by Him.

Being found by Jesus, it is not presumptuous or wishful thinking, its unchangeable truth that enables me to open my hands to welcome a New Year. Are you opening your hands too?

Happy New Year Friends!

I’m looking forward to sharing some new things I’m dreaming about for us this year.

Q4U: What about you, have you chosen a word to welcome the New Year?


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  1. Lisa Luke Easterling

    I love this. Just love it. I’ll be pondering it further. Love you, girl.

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Thankful to walk into this year with you Lisa. Blessings on your New Year!

  2. Amy L. Sullivan (@AmyLSullivan1)

    Ok, I’ve never chosen a word to welcome the year, but I just did…like three minutes ago. So discovering your post is perfect.

    I could write you paragraphs on this topic, but what I realized in the last month is my prayers are so vague (now, I never grew up in a name it, claim it kind of church, no, no, Catholic). I’m totally an “if it’s your will” kind of prayer. I find myself hesitating to get specific. I often wonder, is it selfish to pray for this or that? But this year, I’m going detailed. I’m laying it all out, and well…

    Hopefully, it won’t fall off my shoulder and show my belly fat, ha! Do you know how much I enjoy your writing? For real.

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Well, timing is everything isn’t it Amy? I can totally relate to your comment about vague prayers. I read the Circle Maker over the summer and I realized that in my own life. I’m leading a group of women through it starting this month. I don’t know why I haven’t been more specific, probably the same presumptuous feelings but I think God wants us to be specific with Him. So glad you stopped by, always a gift to see you in the comments.

  3. hisfirefly

    Beautiful Shelly, leaves me breathless…

  4. Sylvia R

    My. Good reasons, very hard year. And “Who?” is the best interrogative word!

    Last year for the first time, I adopted a key or guide word for the year. Though I suppose it was a “wish” word in a sense, I thought of it as an “aim” word. Closer. My aim: to draw closer to Him, grow in walking more closely with Him as the year progressed. It blessed me, because it gave me focus, direction, intentionality.

    But I’m not choosing a new word for this year. I’m not finished with last year’s! Not that I ever will be in this earthly life, but I was working my way through the word’s letters as an acrostic, and blogging about that, but I barely got to O. So, on I go. Not that the word, or a bunch of sub-words starting with its letters are anything in themselves, but if I act on them, they’re precious.

    Looking forward to hearing about your dreams and possible plans for 2013. God bless you and your family in the coming year!

    • Redemption's Beauty

      I think its good to be intentional and focused, its something brewing around my thoughts for my next post. Happy New Year Sylvia, its a pleasure to walk into the year with you.

  5. lborange

    I’ve been choosing a word for the year since before I knew that was a thing. Didn’t tell anyone what this year’s word was. Didn’t do so well with it toward the end, but failures can be instructive.

    Found. I like that.

    • Redemption's Beauty

      You’re just ahead of the trend Laura, with such a great attitude I might add. I know my failures have been instructive for me too.

  6. Dawn

    Shelly. So much to say, I’m private messaging you on FB. Love to you.

  7. Maureen

    Found – a beautiful word, profound. If I had to pick one right now (which I’m not, yet…) it would be quiet. Odd, maybe for a blogger, a writer, a home teacher, a mom…but that is what is on my heart this season. Quiet.

    • Redemption's Beauty

      I don’t think it’s odd, it’s rare perhaps and needed in a world shouting for attention.

      • Maureen

        I am discovering, as I listen to the Lord on this, it is about having a quiet heart. John 16:33. More about taking the time, being quiet enough to listen. I love it when a thought takes us in a whole new unexpected direction – as your writing often does. Many delightful blessings to you and your family in this new year!

  8. glendachilders

    The kind of year that you just finished is so hard. I have had them before. I am sorry.

    Sending love and prayers from Chicago.

  9. lindalochridge

    Wow…that was powerful. I just wrote a post that spoke to how God pushes through to speak to us in loss. He’s done it over and over again through the years in my own life. That doesn’t take the experience of loss and turn it into something altogether different, but it reminds us that there is a much larger perspective than our own human mind can comprehend.

    • Redemption's Beauty

      I think you said it well Linda, our difficulties give us new eyes for the journey in a way perhaps nothing else can. I look forward to reading your post.

  10. Judy

    Thank you for your honest reflections at the start of a new year. Last year was the first time that someone challenged me to choose a word for the year. It was a new idea for me, and I enthusiastically chose the word “go,” because I expected change and growth in 2012. It wasn’t quite what I had expected. Is it ever? I would like 2013 to be a year of faith. I learned in 2012 that the “faith” must come before the “go.”

    • Redemption's Beauty

      I like what you learned in choosing a word Judy. Faith first. And maybe that was the most important thing God wanted you to learn in choosing a word? Lovely to have you join this community in conversation. Thanks for the follow!

  11. Marilyn

    The losses have piled up for me in recent months as well. I don’t have one word. I wait in near-silence, but I am able to greet the new year with open hands. Thank you for this honest and encouraging post, Shelly.

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Marilyn, you’ve been in my thoughts over the holidays. Cupping my hands with you and praying for the still small voice in the silence.

  12. Pam@Writing...Apples of Gold

    Reflecting on what you’ve shared of your life this year, I think maybe God had a word for you, Shelly… “Holding on.” Because He was holding on to you in each loss. In each word you wrote about it all. He was holding on to your daughter in that crash. He is holding still.

    I think there are two ways to look at this “word” idea… I don’t want to choose a word. That can be good, when like Sylvia shared, it is a goal most of all. But…I think…I want to listen for His word over me… Last year, He reiterated one to me again and again. In His word that He led me to. In the words He put in my heart. In the events of my life. I am still seeing it unfold. And that is my prayer for your new year too. His words over you are songs of joy. Zeph 3:17

    • Redemption's Beauty

      That is one of my favorite verses, given to me by two great women of faith whom I admire. Thank you for your steadfast love, support, prayer and encouragement Pam. Yes, Holding on, that is truth for sure.

  13. Anne

    Shelly, As I read your words and the comments that followed, I thought what would I say was the one word that sustained or described this past year? Immediately an overwhelming sense/feeling that I was “loved” like I have never known before. Through the losses, the glue that kept me together, was the love of God, my husband, family and close friends. My husband and I often said through all the pain of 2012, first loosing his Mother and then many relationships after the church divided, that we have grown closer to God and each other. In reflection it was a year of learning how to walk through the dessert seeking to hold our hearts safe and clean. 2013 has a sweet ring to it as I am stronger and know whatever comes I am loved. Maybe I can’t touch it or see it but I know it in my knower. I know it in my heart. God is love and He loves me. Tonight I’ll sing myself to sleep with the words, “Jesus love me, this I know”,
    Thank you Shelly for pointing me in the direction of pondering and seeking this one word. It is a gift from you to me. Sweet dreams are coming. Love you, Anne

    • Redemption's Beauty

      What a profound find Anne in the midst of grief and sorrow over the loss of what was. Loved, yes you are.

  14. lynndmorrissey

    Shelly….I’m so very, ver sorry for your deep losses this year–your brother, your church, your furry companion. It is unfathomable. One year, we lost seven close family members, including my beloved father, the most painful loss of all for me. I didn’t think I could go on. This year, my brother lost everything. It is impossible to understand, and so we lean hard on the One whom we know and trust, and Who knows when we don’t. I love how you point us to the Who and not the why, in the end. He is the end, and He is the beginning. He holds us at the end of one year, and holds us in the beginning of the next. He is Alpha and Omega. He is all and everything. Before the one-word-a-year craze that seems now to populate the Internet, I have often asked God for a theme around which a year can evolve (much like what Sylvia said, as a focus). I do this prayerfully, and sense God laying a theme on my heart. I love words, and enjoy exploring their meanings, especially in Scripture, and then applying it to various aspects of my life. I don’t use the word prophetically or prescriptively, but more, reflectively and meditatively. This year, I believe God has laid the word “vision” on my heart. It has so many meanings. I’m asking God to give me spiritual vision and to open the eyes of my heart to see Him in all things. I’m asking, as an act of faith to see Him, Who is invisible and for courage to follow Him. I am asking Him to clear my vision and free me from sin and spiritual blindness. I’m asking Him to help me fix my eyes upon Jesus. I’m saying with the hymnist, “Be Thou my vision.” I’m also asking Him for a vision for ministry. The word, to me, is simply a way to focus my thougths and prayers, but of course, all under the umbrella of His sovereignty, God and His directives can never be contained in a box. But how often I can get off track. This just helps me with direction. Thank you again for putting our focus on one word–THE Word–the Word made flesh…….the Name above all names–JESUS. If we have this Word in our hearts, really, we need no others. I also thank Jesus for sparing Murielle. I thank Him for bringing her into the New Year with you.
    Happy New Year, Shelly. May God bless every step you take–and please send Murielle our love.

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Love your thoughts about vision Lynn. They are hopeful and full of anticipation. Thank you for your friendship, its one of my most treasured gifts of the past year. Look forward to hugging you in real life in April.

      • lynndmorrissey

        Oh that is so dear of you, Shelly. Thank you! And you are God’s good gift to me. Hugs all around come April. Yes! Looking forward to *seeing* you in person (more vision)! =]

  15. Gayle

    I have! Last year I chose after much prayer the word Peace. The first day of the new year, we were on a day trip to a little mountain town and considering heading up to Mt. Rainer National Park when we saw police after police speed by. We decided to cancel the trip, and then found out that there was a gunman on the mountain and he had killed a ranger. My peace was shattered. It was a year of peace being challenged, and struggling through my fears. I am glad that was my word for 2012. This year my word is prayer. If anyone is interested, I wrote about my journey with peace over at my online place, Behind The Gate.
    Hope is a powerful word. I held onto it at a really rough time in my life. It is one of the three things that will remain. When I teach mental illness, I always tell my students to give their client hope. Hope is strong medicine, I think it was your word for this year. 😉
    Wishing you a blessed New Year!

    • Redemption's Beauty

      I think you are right about hope being a strong medicine for what ails us. It kept me going through some dark times. Perhaps it kept you on the path to peace after a less than peaceful start to your year. Blessings on your New Year Gayle, its been a pleasure getting to know you better through our book club.

  16. Sharon O

    I am praying about a word, last year my word was intentional and that is always my lifes motto, to live with intention to love deeper, to cry harder to sleep restful, to be intentional in all that I do. This year I have not word yet, today after church my husband said to me, ” the Lord impressed upon me your words are comittment and sacrifice”… I said ‘that is odd’ He didn’t impress it upon my heart.
    Then he said ‘the things you could write about in sacrifice… and comittment.’
    When I heard those words I felt a bit fearful.
    What would I have to ‘sacrifice?’ and why.
    It scared me.
    I will wait till the Lord touches my heart before I committ to a word.

    • Redemption's Beauty

      May the Holy Spirit guide you to the word on His heart for you this year. It’s not a formula, just a way to be intentional about walking into a New Year. And daily we offer a sacrifice of praise don’t we?

  17. Heather Kopp at SoberBoots.com

    Love this. I picked Perhaps way late in the game for 2012–and it’s still working for me, so I guess I’ll keep it. Perhaps. 🙂 For some reason, I miss connecting with you and I need to drop you an email. Tomorrow. For sure. Hugs and much love, friend. I just adore you and your writing and your soul.

    • Redemption's Beauty

      I was thinking the same thing the other day. Look forward to your email and connecting when you get settled into the New Year. Love your word, perhaps its because I over use it. 🙂 Sending hugs and lots of love to you.

  18. Janet

    A beautiful post, Shelly. God bless you and your family as the days of remembering those you have lost pass by into a new year.

  19. Mia

    Dear Shelly
    I know that time was created by our Pappa God and as we live in our Lord Jesus, we live in eternity already and time has no special meaning to us. We are already, as new people released from the limitations of time as we live in our Living Hope, our Lord Jesus.
    Much love xx

  20. Lark Fiore

    Good Morning, Shelly! First, your writing in this post is delicious reading. The imagery and choice of expressions makes for a wonderful read.
    The context took me by surprise as, for some reason, I have not yet related to the “end of a year” state of mind.
    I gave up on resolutions a long time ago as it seems that the act of resolving drives me towards the gain of weight, eating of sugar, less time spent in the Word…whatever I resolved to do I subverted within hours of my resolution. I found I did not need more evidence that I could not stick to a plan that meant a year of commitment. I think I was not committed to the end goal so much as to the wish that I would be committed to it. Reading your post about a “word” for the year gave me a moment of reflection when I realized that, for me, any word encompassing the entire year would leave my mind by the end of New Year’s day or would cease to have meaning to me the moment I chose it.
    Your past year was filled with deep, life-changing moments. I am so sorry about the loss of your brother and grateful beyond measure that the horrific accident did not take your daughter. My year held many moments also though I did not face the death of a family member. I have changed from the inside out in my relationship with Christ this year. As a result I feel as if I have been given new eyes and ears. I don’t even know my own self and, in fact, don’t belong to myself at all. This transformation is so visceral, so alive in me that I don’t dare to resolve or have a word for the year. It is my Father’s choice and, to be honest, that intimidates me just a little bit. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your journey at a deep and personal level. I need that from other women. You are a blessing in my life.

    • Redemption's Beauty

      So glad to be having conversations here with you Lark. Enjoy your thoughts. I know what you mean about resolutions, I feel the same way. May we each walk into this new year with a greater sense of His abiding presence with us, His unlimited ability to speak more than one word over our lives.

  21. Doreen

    thanks for this post. my word for 2012 was loss too and I don’t know what the new word will be. everything went wrong in 2012 – friends dying, my 12 yr old Lily was sick most of the year and stuff. I can’t hang on to God at the moment cause I feel like he doesn’t care at the moment ( I know it is not true but feels like it). some things happened and I am scared that I can’t find my way back to God

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Doreen, I was just there, in that place of feeling like He turned his back on me but knowing deep down its not true. And may I encourage you that rescue is coming and the dark clouds will lift? I know it in my own life, believe it for yours too. I’m so sorry for what you’ve had to walk through and pray joy will come in the morning. He is will you, He has always been with you. So glad to have you join the community here. Thanks for the follow.

  22. apronheadlilly

    Loss was a big part of 2012, along with the highs of newborn grandbaby lives.

    Surrender has been a theme for years it seems, and I think what it all comes down to, if one word is all that we have, is LIFE. And the prayer that goes with that is HELP.

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Loss seems to be a common theme among many for 2012. Praying that is behind us for the coming year. So glad to have you walking this road with me, uttering our “Help” together.

    • Pam@Writing...Apples of Gold

      Love what you say here… it is a sacred echo to my own New Years post. Blessings of life in 2013!

      • apronheadlilly

        For us all: I pray this year is a year of redemption–joy from pain, beauty from ugliness, and miracles tromping down doubt!

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Oh my Emma, I had no idea. Look forward to reading your post and thankful for your presence here, for meeting you on-line this year. Blessings to you.

  23. kelliwoodford

    Yes. Just a hearty yeesss here.

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Love you Kelli, so thankful for your friendship and the way you inspire me to write better.

  24. Jody Lee Collins

    Shelly, oh, how God weaves beauty from the ashes through your words! Reading this piece was like a progression itself–from Loss to Found. The word God keeps dropping in my heart and spirit is ‘Fit.’ I wouldn’t say I prayed about it and asked for a word for the year–it actually chose me….I’m finding out these days how it matches my life circumstances.

    I look forward to this new year of discoveries as you open the gifts God has given you to share with us.

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Jody, its a privilege to walk my faith out with you. Thanks for your beautiful words.

  25. Carolyn Counterman

    I’m not “claiming” a word for 2013, but what came up while reading your post is “curious”. 2012 was nothing like I could have imagined with my little mind, but even through some of the worst circumstances of my life, I saw God moving His mighty hand through it all and I knew He had not left me alone to deal with it all. 2013 already has some things lined up (legal proceedings, etc) that aren’t going to be a fun party, but since I know He is with me, I am very curious to see what other things God is going to do. He broke our family in order to heal it. He sent provision from the strangest places (including the anonymously-sent box of toilet paper). He brought more special people into my life (like you). What might He do this year to include me in His amazing plan? I am very curious.

    • Redemption's Beauty

      I like that word Carolyn, it has a lot of possibility.

  26. Barbie

    To be found after being lost, so much beauty here. You’ve had a hard year but God has never left you and I know your faith is stronger. Yours is a beautiful soul and I cannot wait to see what unfolds in the coming year from the overflow of your heart. I’ve chosen a One Word – Simply – and will share more on the blog tomorrow!

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Barbie, its been fun getting to know you this year. Simply was my word one year, I remember it well. I didn’t intentionally choose it, it seemed to follow me around. Can’t wait to hear what the Lord does with it this year for you.

  27. Sharon @ Hiking Toward Home

    Shelly, still praying for you and your loss of community through the holidays.
    It feels like our last 3 years have all been overshadowed with “loss”. Our family is hoping that 2013 is a more “up” year spiritually… mentally… emotionally. Trying to just “let go of it all” …why is that so hard? I tried to focus on “hope” at the beginning of the 2012 but somewhere my grip slipped.
    I haven’t chosen a special word for 2013 but as every day… I am seeking peace.

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Maybe your word is peace for this year Sharon. Thank you so much for praying for me, that means so much. It seems we’ve walked parallel journeys and like you, we are praying and hopeful that 2013 will be a brighter year full of promise. Blessings to you friend.

  28. Elizabeth Stewart

    I will choose a word to pray over you for 2013, if I may. BLESSED. I pray that God will overwhelm you and yours with His blessings. I pray that His blessings will chase you down wherever you go, every way that you turn. I’m not talking the superficial, name it claim it type blessings, but the deep down in your soul kind, The kind of blessing that has you constantly feeling the surety of the Rock beneath your feet, the Rock that cannot be shaken, no matter what is whirling around you. May you know that He is, even now, cupping your face in His hands and anointing your head with oil and speaking these words over you, “I bless you, my daughter.”

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Elizabeth, somehow I missed this comment when you left it. I can’t tell you how touched I am by your generosity. And I receive it. Amen! May it be so. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  29. leannepenny

    Wow. Your faith and story are raw and real and your faith? so lovely.

    My word is trust I think, because after my grief and loss… I’m crusty and lonely. I need to dive in and rely on people and God again

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Leanne, may you find friendship in this place that feeds the lonely and parched places feeling full again. Thanks for stopping by, you’ve blessed me by your words.

  30. jeanwise

    I have reread your post several times. It kept calling to me. You certainly have had a rough draining year yet end your words with lots of hope. Found is an intriguing word that sounds solid, secure and embraced – probably all tender points for you right now. I too wrote about choosing a word today. My word this year is STRETCH. I know it may be risky to embrace that one but feel this word just kept resonating with me so I will begin with it and see what grows.

    may 2013 be full of blessings for you!

    • Redemption's Beauty

      And to you too Jean. May we find ourselves stretched tight with His blessings this year. Glad you came back. 😉

  31. Megan Willome

    No word for me–not last year or this one. Perhaps because each year usually starts with one simple cry, albeit in different circumstances: How long, O Lord?

    Most people would look at the last 48 hours and say, Your year is off to a rotten start. I would say, I think we finally hit bottom. Let’s hear it for Loss.

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Oh Megan, I’m so sorry my friend. May he restore what the locusts have eaten. I pray you will look back on this year and call Him faithful. Sending hugs and prayers to you.

  32. laura

    Hello, beautiful lady. Just dropping a prayer for an abundant new year for you, dear one. You have been one of my blessings in 2012. What a gift to get to know you a little and read your beautiful words. Thank you, friend. Much love to you.

    • Redemption's Beauty

      What a gift you are to me Laura. You inspire me more than you know. You are a steadfast, faithful presence in my life that encourages me to write from the deep places. So thankful for your love and prayers.

  33. Emily Wierenga

    yes. i have been thinking this exact same thing. i cannot choose a word, and could not last year. and i don’t have any guilt over that. just peace. love you friend. may this coming year be one of full redemption of everything you’ve lost. xo

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Glad to know I’m in good company on this one and I too, pray for redemption in the coming year. May it be so.

  34. Nancy Franson (@nancyfranson)

    I’ve been feeling kind of cranky and rebellious about choosing a word for the year. I’ve chosen one for the past three years, but last year I found myself wanting to change mine mid-year. I’m giving myself permission this year not to do what everyone else does.

    Having said that, and having read your thoughts here, I just want to say I hear echoes of hope throughout your account of loss. Happy New Year, Shelly. Glad to be journeying with you in hope!

    • Redemption's Beauty

      I’m glad you could hear hope Nancy, its there and I’m thankful. And I’m feeling just like you, giving myself permission, lots of it, not to be like everyone else. Amen Sister!

  35. Judy

    I begin the year heart-heavy – I often do. Disappointment in myself over the past year, lingering doubt that I have the capacity to make the year ahead any different, such ongoing weariness that that the whole idea of a fresh start feels artificial anyway – like the earth’s orbit, it feels like a continuing, not a beginning.

    But…a blue sky morning is what God has given in my continuing – sun beaming His goodness through the cold – that His mercies are endlessly new when all else feels old. If I were choosing a word, it would need to be about Him. A word about my intentions might just lead to greater disillusionment at year’s end – too many false hopes and failed expectations but…

    ‘Mercies’ perhaps, because His ‘fail not’ – I have only to see them.

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Oh Judy, I know that artificial feeling of trying to work up some emotion that you are too weary for. May this year be a year of vibrancy for you. Of waking up to blue sky mornings more days than not.

      • Judy

        Thank you for your thoughtfulness in responding so kindly Shelly – blue sky mornings when they happen here mid-winter (truth be told, any day of the year) bring forth praise!

  36. Nancy

    Wow…I lost 10…TEN friends in the year of 2012, Five of them were from online, but they were my friend regardless. I lost my favorite cat, Cricket, she had HIV and my ol’man dog, Scooby, we had to have put down. outside of the 10 human friends. 2012 should have been named Grief, but I never “named it or claimed it”. My close friend Krystin died suddenly on January 18, just in a blink and leaving her husband and 4 kids behind. It was a really hard year, heartwrenching, but I came through it with the Father’s help and I came through it with more appreciation and understanding than I ever imagined possible.

    So this year, I have thought of using healing, because no matter what happens in life from here on out, I’ll be healing from it when it’s over. i’m excited and writing my own book, I also got a nice job offer yesterday and will be working oat home, if all the details fall into place and it’s the Father’s will. Thank you for your post and I’m sorry you also suffered so much loss last year; with that said, Much Love to you Shelly and all your readers. See ya on Ann’s wall on Monday and Wednesday or in the jolly land of facebook~ <3

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Oh my Nancy, you have truly suffered loss this year. I love your attitude despite that. May this year be full of His healing balm to restore your soul from grief. I hope the job is all you anticipate it to be. Blessings to you. Hope we bump into each other on the web.

      • Nancy

        I’m choosing JOY…

        pssst…I’m on your facebook page…:)


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