Begging for Mercy

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On this third Sunday of Advent I echo Mary’s exclamation, “Oh, how my soul praises the Lord,” but my heart beats heavy and I proclaim it through tears. I watch the news, witness innocence slain in the presence of evil and I don’t have to sit across from a mother at her kitchen table to understand her sorrow.

And I don’t want to be one more voice adding to the crowds giving opinion but I will join the collective cry at heaven’s gate, begging for mercy and waiting for His return.  Because we need a Saviour, more than anything else this Christmas. We need a Saviour who bore our sin so that we can live free.

Will you join me in bending our hearts to prayer for the families of the twenty- eight who died on Friday in Newtown, CT? May we rejoice in knowing He is good, even in tragedy.


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  1. Sylvia R

    Yes, definitely.

  2. Amanda

    So much sadness and pain…I am heartbroken! Yes, we need our Saviour!!! Praying for so many tonight…

  3. Amanda

    Praying with you. It’s hard to comprehend why our perfect God allows evil and tragedy in such young, innocent lives.

  4. Elizabeth Stewart

    Joining you in the mourning, in the praying. Asking for His light to arise upon us and His glory to be seen upon His people in this world of gross darkness. (Is. 60:1 Amplified)

  5. Joy Lenton

    Joining you in prayer here from the UK. Prayer is so often seen as a last resort, yet it needs to be the first thing we do as we cry out to God in our pain and confusion. Let mercy and grace prevail.

  6. Maureen

    Yes, joining you in prayer and ache for those families.

  7. Jillie

    Yes Shelly…Joining in prayer here in Canada. Grieving with your land.

  8. Trinity

    Wow, such an appropriate scripture…

  9. Joanne Norton

    Thank you, Shelly.
    My heart has been filled with this tragedy all weekend… and started in sorrow, b/c of a local murder site I had attended just Tuesday night with our First Responders… and then, of course, the Portland mall murders. Hitting all around our nation. HOPEFULLY, it will hit hearts that will turn to our Lord more quickly, b/c they will come to know that HE is the only source for peace, joy, grace, mercy… TRUTH.

    Bless you.

  10. Sharon O

    We mourn and weep with all the other mothers and fathers and children and grandparents, and others… for it is hard to come to grips with the tragedies of Oregon and now Connecticut.

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