Joining the Applause

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It’s sunset and I open the front door to water plants outside. My eyes widen at the sight of vibrant artwork hanging sky. I set the watering can down on the front stoop, run back inside for the camera. And while I stand in grass barefoot, watch Him turn the kalidescope of color, I think I can hear it. All of heaven claps in ovation.

I’m joining the Applause, a global event to take note of the beauty of our Creator, and its as if he pulled back the curtain on the stage and said, “Let the show begin.”

Happy Sunday Friends!

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  1. krissiecamealy

    Beautiful art by our heavenly Father. I love picturing soapy like you, like me, standing barefoot in our yards trying to capture just a fragment of His grace– bless you, sweet friend.

  2. kd sullivan

    I’m standing in ovation….

  3. S. Etole

    What glorious beauty you’ve shared.

  4. Child of God

    Beautiful pictures!! I love the sky and all the wonderful clouds. Watching His hand paint a show in the heavens gives me great joy.


  5. Kulasa

    teary eyed as I read your words and stared at the photos…amazing how He paints the sky each beginning and end of day…

  6. Susan

    Wow…this is so beautiful!! Have a blessed Sunday♥

  7. Joanne Norton

    i always love to see the sunsets spread across the world. And, yes, I applause and rejoice. [I also laugh a bit and know you’ll understand this. The sunrises in Uganda were glorious and took a while, changing color over and over again. The sunsets went down so fast that if I saw the beautiful ones as you did and I ran in to grab a camera it would be gone in that very short time. I have LOTS of sunrise photos from that place; very few sunsets.]

  8. ~ Patricia

    Beautiful, Shelly. Have a beautiful day continuing to applaud!

  9. Rona

    Oh my! How I miss the feel of cool Summer grass beneath my feet!
    Beautiful reminder.
    I hope you have a blessed week! Happy July 4th!

  10. Elizabeth Stewart

    Fabulous! I do believe nature worships God, the trees clap their hands His Word says!

    • Redemption's Beauty

      I love that verse, it has such wonderful imagery doesn’t it? Glad you visited Elizabeth, always nice to see you here.

  11. lolitavalle

    Yes, so much to applaud at, so much to be grateful about. Alleluia!

  12. devotionmama

    The Scripture and a Snapshot community has a new home. I’d love to have you link up!

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