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But I am not careless of thy favour or regardless of thy glory;

Impress in me deeply with a sense of thine omnipresence,

that though art among

my path,

my ways,

my lying down,

my end.


~Valley of Vision, author unknown


We finish a week of jet lag, unloading suitcases, end of the year school projects and five inches of rain in one day.

Just last week I meandered through Hyde Park in London wearing an overcoat, hat and camera, holding hands with H while we muse long over that brush with Katie Couric at the Queens place (more on that Monday).

This week I walk barefoot along sandy shores of angry seas next to my mother-in-law, witness the crack of sky before the heavens open her flood.

As we slumber long, linger with steamy cups of joy, wear pajamas beyond reasonable, I am aware of this: 

Every day holds promise because He is present in all places, at all times.

Wherever you wander today, may you discover, welcome, and hope in His omnipresence.

Happy Saturday Friends!


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  1. SandraHeskaKing (@SandraHeskaKing)

    The same moon and the same sun shine on us all. And He is present in all places at all time. Unfathomable wonder.

    I so need to curl up with your blog and catch up. xoxo

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Yes to this Sandy. I think about the sun and moon especially when I go to Canada in the summer and it feels as if I could touch them they hang so low.

  2. r.elliott

    I love these pictures…seems like a very unique spot…glad you had a great trip…can’t wait to hear about your encounter with katie:) have a wonderfully blessed reentry weekend~

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Thanks Ro. Been in a bit of a fog of re-entry this week but look forward to sharing more of England next week too, before everyone gets sick of hearing about it.

  3. Lynn Morrissey

    Shelly, what breathtaking photos of fellow sojourners taking respite under the shade of those umbrageous cathedraled branches. Exquisite! And now you’re home. I’m sure you are pinching yourself to think that God actually blessed you and your husband with this incalculable gift–a trip to England! My husband and I have ambled through that land of “mists and mellow fruitfulness” three times now, and I always thought it would be our last. How I’m hoping that I’m wrong again and that we will return–this time w/ our near-twenty-year-old daughter who I know will be as smitten with Britain as we were. She’s a photographer like you, and I know she’d be giddy with all those picture-perfect possibilities. I’m new to the world of blogdom and I’m reveling in your rich, revealing posts. Thank you for acknowledging my comments yesterday, and for giving all artists hope in their creative (if sometimes circuitous) journeys. May all our artistic endeavors lead us straight to the heart of God, reflecting the one, true Artist worthy of emulation. Thank you again for sharing and baring your soul. Rest up, and enjoy those steaming joy-cups, hopefully laced with your favorite British brew unearthed from an unloaded suitcase. And by the way, a writer is allowed to wear her jammies till the cows come home! Enjoy!

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Lynn, so delighted to connect with you and grateful you found me. I am curious if you have a blog and if so, can you leave me your blog address? And yes, I am enjoying a bit of tea I picked up in London and missing those wonderful English breakfasts in the hotels where we stayed. Loving the tea cozy I picked up at Harrods (the only thing affordable!) and so shocked at how well they work. Still in pajamas on my porch with the birds btw. Having a hard time removing myself.

      • Lynn Morrissey

        Shelly, actually no, but how nice of you to ask. I blogged for about a year on a fellow author’s site about my passion, prayer-journaling, but that blog was discontinued. Recently, though, I’ve been praying about starting a blog of my own, and wonder if you would consider entertaining a couple of questions? I have included my personal email address with this post. I’ll bet you’re a journaling aficionado as well. Am I right? And to turn a corner, no one in American knows how to make tea (meaning in fancy tearooms). They always serve it tepid (and I think of those “lukewarm” verses in Rev. 3!!–ugh!) I think a starter would be to really boil the water and not just get it from a spigot (as I learned, unbelievably, they do at the pinkies-up Ritz! *Amazing!*), and also to cover each teapot with a cozy. Accompanying each teapot with that piping-hot-water-replenishing pot would assist as well. You will love this: My mother’s English penpal years ago sent her a delightful variegated, striped knit hat with little tassels bobbin on top. But when Mother donned it, her ears stuck through the holes on either side, rather defeating the purpose, don’t you think? Imagine her shock (and the hilarity) in discovering that the cap was actually a tea cozy in disguise. Those holes were for the teapot’s handle and spout! I’m glad you know the difference, Shelly! 🙂

        • Redemption's Beauty

          No, I am afraid I am not a journaling aficionado. Very sporadic at that. I mostly write. And that story of the tea cosy is so funny, thanks for sharing.

  4. Sylvia R

    Ah, Shelly! Are we ever on the same page today! You speak of your sense of the divine presence, and I am riveted on Spurgeon’s calling that very thing our “Sure Cure…” Lovely to experience it with you In England, as well as on my front porch!

    • Redemption's Beauty

      I read your post and thought it was delightful Sylvia. I haven’t been able to post a comment on your blog the last few times I have tried. I am afriad the captchas are keeping me out.

  5. Kathy Schwanke

    Hi Shelly, I am so glad you stopped by my blog this morning. I think I will go back to the photos and set myself there for awhile. I long to visit Europe, and am delighted when I can get a glimpse through other’s experiences. Your writing is lovely, I’m so happy to find your blog! I especially like this part: “As we slumber long, linger with steamy cups of joy, wear pajamas beyond reasonable…” it sounds wonderful! 🙂

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Oh, I hope you can visit Kathy, its glorious and gives so much perspective to go visit another culture. So happy to find you as well and thankful you stopped by.

  6. Michelle Ortega

    a beautiful canopy space to reflect beneath~

  7. Lisa @besidestillwaters.blogspot

    “Present in all places at all times.” The opportunity of travel opens so many gifts. Acknowledging God’s universal presence must be the of all.

    • Redemption's Beauty

      I agree with you Lisa, travel widens my perspective for sure. It’s a gift to go. I tried to comment on your blog unsuccessfully. I have a google account but rarely use it. Thanks for stopping by here to leave a comment.

  8. 3dLessons4Life

    Thankful for His presence (and the promise!).

  9. Pam@Writing...Apples of Gold

    Hi Shelly,
    What breathtaking photos… they bring me right there. You could never talk about England too much for me. I’ve never been there (yet), but somehow England and all the beauty and cozy charm has always been in my heart through books and movies… As Lynn mentioned above, my mom had a British pen pal for over 30 years. She sent us a tea cosy once and it took me awhile to figure out it’s use too… 🙂 If you and Lynn ever pursue something with a prayer journaling blog idea, I would love to read it… I’ve shared a few things from my prayer journal on my blog before (as well as my love for all thing English) but a blog devoted to that would be awesome.

    I look forward to hearing more about your trip!

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Pam, so nice to meet you and I hope you get to go to England some time. I don’t prayer journal unfortunately, I am too disorganized I guess. I have a hard time keeping track of my 1000 gift list, and that is only listing three things to be thankful for a day! I do write down the things God speaks to me in a journal but that isn’t every day.

      • Pam@Writing...Apples of Gold

        Thanks, Shelly. I’ve actually been reading you awhile but maybe this is the first time I commented. You write “my style.” 🙂 Oh, I wouldn’t say I prayer journal every day either, though I would love to. I have mostly done it when praying for others and writing down what I think the Lord is saying and leading me in prayer… But lately off and on, in praying for wisdom and direction, I do find that I remember more what he tells me when I write it down. It does take being more disciplined to do that than I often am… but worth it when I do.

        • Redemption's Beauty

          You are right and I need to be more disciplined in that area for sure. Its good to go back and read and see the way in which He works in our lives. Thanks for your encouragement, I needed it.

  10. Jennifer Richardson

    sweet, sweet peace, this:)
    glad thanks,

  11. Joanne Norton

    Reminds, me, again, of places I visited in various portions of central and southern England. Such lovely people to meet, so much fun. And almost always struggling with jet lag and weather. Still filled with joy. [OH, and Hyde Park… May, 1995, when it was the 50th Anniversary celebration of V-E day. We just happened to be given tickets for free and taken by people we were visiting, and it was one of the most amazing evenings I’ve ever experienced.]

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Its been fun Joanne, to see my trip through your eyes. So thrilled you have visited and given me your perpective. Feels like we are in your living room talking about our trips to England! Love it. I’ll be writing a few more stories this week. So much to share.

  12. Jody Collins

    ‘wear pajamas beyond reasonable’–the perfect description of a catch up day. I look forward to hearing more….

    • Redemption's Beauty

      I don’t think I caught up on much but rest Jody to be honest. It was nice to just enjoy the time He gives without an agenda.

  13. kd sullivan

    I am blown away by His presence, thank you for reminding me that He doesn’t only belong with you, but He belongs with me as well…and He is big enough to do both at the same time.

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Me too Kim, blown away by His presence. Hope you had a great weekend of celebrating a milestone. Praying God shows you your next steps as you make this life transition. Its exciting, at least from my end! 🙂

  14. Barb Raveling

    Your blog is so beautiful – both the writing and the pictures. I’m enjoying it!

    • Redemption's Beauty

      Barb, thank you and I am so thrilled to know you are reading along.

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